Saab BioPower Challenge

Anyone tried this yet?

I haven’t heard much about it since it was launched a few months ago. To refresh your memories:


Saab BioPower GameThe game has three different levels to play: Inland, driving from Gothenburg to Trollhättan; Coast with a drive from Trollhättan to the Swedish village of Fiskebäckskil (where new Saab 9-3 was launched) and Mountain, where you drive on an icy road from Narvik in Norway to Jukkasjärvi in Sweden. The fastest driver wins.

As a player of the BioPower Challenge you can compare your results with other players around the world by submitting your result to a global “high score” list. The car in the game can be fuelled with either bioethanol or petrol. But choose wisely because just as in real life, choosing bioethanol means getting more power and performance out of your Saab BioPower car.

For budding “mobile phone drivers”, the game is available via SMS text. To download the game, text SAAB to 71747 in Sweden and +46 737 494 050 in the rest of Europe. The game was also made available at at the end of July.


As mentioned above, it seems that you can only get this game on your phone if you’re in Europe.

Saab BioPower GameThankfully, though, it’s also available to play online at This is me on the practice stage. The icy stage is the most fun of the three with plenty of drifting action, though I got completely lost somehow and took almost 2 minutes to complete it!

My times for my first run, including my expedition on the final, icy stage were as follows:

– stage one: 1:03
– stage two: 1:03
– stage three: 1:57

It’s a good bit of fun, this game. Check it out.

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  1. I have downloaded the game, tried and even gave the Sony Ericsson K750i to a young boy to get me the laptimes. Perhaps it is my handset, but I find the car difficult to control with the joystick – it is not as responsive or easier to handle as say, Asphalt Urban GT 1 or 2 fro Gameloft.

  2. I was able to access the site from my mobile, using SMS, but there’s no version available for my BlackBerry 8100. Has anyone else in Canada been able to install it on a different mobile?

  3. My times:

    Test: 0.30.1
    Inland: 1.03.4
    Coast: 1.02.6
    Mountain: 0.59.6

    I’m totally awesome.

    Also, I played that game on my browser, and whenever the game was open, I couldn’t click on anything, type in a message field, or use my scroll wheel. It was annoying.

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