Saab crash test videos

Just a quick not to let you know that Consumer Reports in the US has obtained IIHS video for all crash tests conducted and have placed them on site for everyone to see.

That’s just an image below, not a playable video. You’ll have to click here to see those.

Saab Crash Test

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  1. It’s interesting that the “other” Swedish car manufacturer who spends so much time and money advertising how safe they are didn’t do as well with their 9³ competitor (the S40) as the 9³ did in the IIHS tests. Also, their 9⁵ competitor (the S60) seems to have done about the same or worse than the 9⁵ did in the testing.

    I’m not pointing out that Ovlov did poorly, I’m just surprised that they’re a one-trick pony out there who didn’t even perform as well as Consumer Reports’ top rated family sedan (the Honda Accord) or their top rated luxury sedan (the Infiniti M) in the IIHS crash testing.

    I mean, what is synonymous with Ovlov? Safety. So you’d think that they’d outperform every model out there in safety testing. Is the testing itself flawed?

  2. here’s what annoyed me… again…

    in the beginning of the whole thing you see an acura TL. So, after listening to the 9-3 analysis, i click on the Acura TL. They both did Good in both of the categories. But, for some reaosn, the narrator dude started talking up the Acura. Almost as if it were an Acura commercial. To the point where, someone would pick the TL over the 9-3 if they didn’t know any better, and just based on what was being told to them.

    I’ve said this before. It’s not fair!!! Haha, listen to the 9-3, then to the Acura TL explanation. Hopefully someone else will notice more attention on the Acura…

  3. I saw some video of Chinese cars (the’re coming…) being tested and they are absolutely frightening. Seems like the occupants act as the crumple zone ! Will try to find the link later. On another topic, I can’t say I feel like boasting Saab these days. A piston disintegrated in our flawlessly maintained MY 01 9-5. It only had 155K (kilometres) which is not quite 100K miles. We bought this car for minimum 10 years and had lot’s of trouble with it, including second gear which went on the stick transmission, fortunately covered under warranty. But to have the engine go, is just something I could not imagine. Bullet proof my ass. Anders, an Indy Saab/Volvo and precious contributor on another Saab site has come to the conclusion that the B235 engine (2.3L) is inherently flawed. I guess this is the end of the line for me with Saab. I owned a 99, a 9000T and a 9-5 which I absolutely loved except it just wasn’t reliable. Saab’s recent scoring in JD Power’s survey on reliability after three years sure won’t convince me to give them a fourth chance ! They barely beat Land Rover at the bottom of the list for crying out loud.

  4. After watching a few of these – I see they do talk about certain models more than others. Not a big deal, but they are brief on the Saab.

    I had to check out to see how the epsilon platform derived Chevrolet Malibu did – and it the frontal impact test is interesting in how the driver is still likely to hit the steering wheel even after the airbag has deployed. Your dentist will love that… Ouch.

    Side impact airbags make a huge difference on most models – when you start hearing things like “skull fracture” and “brain injury” that is just not good. That Malibu did horrible on side impact without side airbags. I will have to check out the G6 as well.

    Interesting – the Nissan Maxima rates ‘marginal’ in the test even with side air bags. And although this had no impact on the results of the test, on closer inspection it appears the dummy might have been talking on a Bluetooth phone just prior to the impact…

  5. It´s hard to read all those comments regarding the reliability of the 9-5´s etc in the US.. Whats so different about the US from Europe?? Here the Saabs earn a high degree of up´s regarding reliability.
    Furthermore. The safest car IRL accidents STILL is the Saab 9-5..

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