Saab dotcom availability

Saab 9-7xI haven’t checked many, but I was surprised to see this one available. The unhyphenated version isn’t available, but I’d have thought that Saab would snap up all these and their variations when they know what’s coming down the pipe.

Hmmmm, is available too……

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  1. is available also. Though could attract someone whom care a little less of Saab’s if to follow the colloquial Swedish expression sablar meaning “damn it” (though sablar could also be the plural form of a sable in Swedish – pronounced entirely different if so (actually more like the spelling of my joke saablar)

  2. Good pick up there, Dan. I haven’t registered any of these that I’ve mentioned, by the way. I was registering a non-model-specific Saab address and just thought I’d check them out. Interesting that Saab didn’t already have them covered.

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