Saab drivers are just better – in print!

Fresh from my local chip wrapper newspaper this morning, is a story on insurance claims (no link).

Here’s a few snippets with the money-quote at the end. The article is centered around the fact that most imported vehicles cost more to repair than ‘local’ or more generic makes (e.g. Holden or Ford). The article quotes an average BMW repair as costing around $2,000 whereas an average Holden repair costs insurers just over $1,600. So being an import is one factor.

Other factors include the types of accidents that occur – for instance, head-on, parked, single vehicle – the speed the cars are travelling and whether the drivers of some makes are generally more defensive than drivers of other makes.

Saabs are imported and their claims average $1,314. it looks like Saab drivers are just better.

But then, we already knew that, right?

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  1. You ought to run this by your insurance company — they’ve saved so much money on Saab drivers over the years, they should give back a little love and fix your Viggen.

  2. Yesterday, one Mercedes S350(new model), near the village I live, in a intersection, the driver jumped the STOP and hit my 9-3 My2003 at the rear door and wheel. I did a roll of 180º.

    Now I will deliver the car to the dealer and praying that the axle its fine. Fu***** moron, he said he didn’t see the Stop……..and he had a big signal on the ground and lateral signal.

    let’s see what costs……


  3. one detail…..all the people around there was looking at the mess. Some child there, were looking at the car…….OOOOWWWWW uaaaaa, what a car!!! its impressive, its incredible!! look at the key where is it placed, look the interior, its new!! it sounds great!!(Nordic Stage 2-ECU and exhaust) uuuuuuuaaaaaaauuuu look at this, look at that!!!! its a beatiful car….


  4. uh oh eduard… sorry to hear it :(… thats probably extremely frustrating… hopefully insurance will take care of you…

    sweet @ car comments!! Haha thats always a good feeling….

  5. Yes, at this moment there was no problem, we did the “friendly report” and he recognized his mistake, but at the begining, he said me….. when I said to him about the STOP, “you must give pass to the cars at your right”…….then I answered, but you must do the STOP, you have two signals. He didn’t saw the STOP, its incredible, then he shut up and recognized his mistake.

    I hope it won’t be any problem with the insurance. I am afraid if there is any problem with the Re-Ax, rear suspension or anything related. Today i leave the car to the dealer and it seems everything its ok.

    I returned to home after I checked a MY2000 9-5 Aero for one friend of the Club Saab of Spain that would like to buy it.

    if there is any problem with the car, then the only good thing, is then I will change it for a TurboX, jejejeje There will be only 30 for Spain.


  6. I’d like to quote Jeremy Clarkson from his book “Born to be Riled”;

    “… No one has ever been carved up by a Saab. Think about it: has a Saab ever jumped a red light or tailgated you on the motorway? Have you ever seen a Saab being driven in anything other than a considerate and stealhy fashion? No, and neither have I.”

    “… He is [Saab-man], without a doubt, the safest driver on the road today. Insurance companies pay him to have a car. He is never harassed by the polite. He has no points on his licence. Without any doubt at all, a Virgo”

  7. Steve, just to let you know that Mr B Snr read this at 6:30am, and muttered that you weren’t a better driver than he and his Mercedes. He also said he’d give you a good shit-stirring next time you visited! LOL!


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