Saab Euro meeting goes off!

A month or so ago, Eggs n Grits made mention of a Saab gathering taking palce in Huy, in Belgium. A lot of the organisation for that meeting was being done by Etienne from the Saabhuy blog.

The event was last weekend and judging by the number of pictures, the quality of the cars and the beautiful scenery it looks like it was an outstanding success.

Etienne notes on his site that people travelled from various countries in Europe to get there, from the Czech republic, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and from all over Belgium. Fantastic. Like the Saab Festival all over again!

I’ve picked out one photo, a not-seen-enough Saab 9000 Airflow. There’s heaps of photos here, so check them out.

Saab 9000 airflow

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  1. Looks awesome.

    I have to do European delivery for the next Saab, and time it to go with the Saab Festival or something like this.

  2. Greg, I couldn’t recommend it more. The Sweden experience with the festival, the cars, the people – some of whom you’ve read about it Saab books – it’s well worth the trip.

  3. Etienne et al: Tres bon!

    Unbelievable. What a collection!

    And again I say: Belgian beer, Belgian food, Saabs. That may be the best that the world has to offer in one one weekend.

  4. Hello,

    Very great meeting, very pleasant to meet many differents cars and owners !

    It was a pure meeting with great scenery and many speech about,… Saab of course…

    I’ll hope to come ta next one…

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