Saab European Delivery – An update to the update

The story continues…..

In part 1 of this saga, some doubt was cast as to the ongoing nature of the European Delivery Program run by Saab USA, where purchasers can pick up their vehicle in Europe, take it for a spin then have it shipped back home to the States.

In part 2, Saab USA confirmed that program was OK and going ahead:

Hi Steven – No need to worry, Saab European Delivery is well and alive here in the US of A.

What I do know is that we are migrating this operation into a new, companywide electronic ordering system. This may have caused some hiccups, for which we obviously apologize.

I will let you know when we have more details.

Now we have part 3 – more details have indeed come to hand. There was another email from SaabUSA in my inbox this morning, clarifying that earlier statement. It reads as follows:

Saab Automobile USA has delayed the launch of the Model Year 2008 Saab European Delivery program, as we are re-working it to further enhance its attractiveness to Saab customers. At the same time, we are migrating this operation into a new, companywide electronic ordering system, which has contributed to the delay in the launch of the MY08 program. Expect more information around the re-launch of the Saab European Delivery program soon.

That’s the latest.

2008 EDP is currently on hold but details as to the new program are being ironed out and the program should be re-launched soon.

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  1. Duplicate of my comment on original “IDS” posting:

    The emails with saab USA certainly make things look brighter but as of now no program is in place. Its no longer on saabs website, you cannot order an IDS car right now, and ive been told that their is no ice experience this year which has in past years been a HUGE HUGE thing for the european delivery program. Im hoping to see things improve and have the program “reborn” like they say it is going to be in the emails. I know what those meetings were for though and what the IDS representatives from sweden were in fact in detriot trying to do for the program. Everyone keep your fingers crossed… I know I am.

    Having gone on 5 IDS and saab dealer/IDS trips I am the last person wanting to jump the gun on saying the IDS program has gone under.

    Its always a waiting game with GM, isnt it?

  2. Now that the Saab USA website publicly says they are working on changes to the program — as opposed to just an e-mail to swade — I think my cynical suspicion of the program going away has only a small chance.

    Whether or not the program is truly “enhanced” or not is a different story. The Aero Academy changes could suggest what might be coming, but maybe not. Only time will tell.

  3. Bastards! It was already un-saab-like to make you pay for your own airfair. Although the previous years of the ice experience people went for $500.00 a piece. It then took a jump to about $3500/ two people.

  4. $3,500 for two people is still very cheap for what you get. when i got back from our ice experiance 18 months ago, a friend tried to calculate the cost as he fancied going. the price he came up with was more than £6,000 ($12,000 ish) plus, for the two of them.

  5. I was planning to order a 9 3 combi for pickup in December. I talked to EDP and they stated that they hope the program will be back by the end of this year.

  6. Yes in understand that but it seems saab customers get less and less every time something changes. When I went we paid nothing for the Ice trip and it was an amazing once in a life time experience.

    We had a customer at my work do a Euro delivery and he calculated everything to the penny with what they spent and how much they saved on the car purchasing it that way and in the end they ended up saving $10.00 on the car and had an all out 7 day european trip for two. What an amazing deal!

  7. this is what i got on 9/28/07 from my local Saab dealer about its European Delivery program:

    I spoke with the head of International Delivery for North America yesterday. She had good news/bad news for the program. The good news is that they are switching everything over from the Swedish system to the GM system and are “enhancing” the program. The downside is that they have decided in the last week to put the program on hold until the 2009 model year due to the complications of that transition.

    i hope it’s not true but sounds set in stone.

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