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OK. One thing I did wrong last week was create a new category here called 2009 Saab 9-5. That may have been somewhat premature. I believe we’ll see the next Saab 9-5 some time in 2009 but possibly not as a 2009 model.

So with all this in mind, I thought I’d collate the intel I’ve received so far on new models into one entry here on the site. This is from several inside sources within Saab but from different markets and consequently there’s some differences in the perceived schedules that I’ve had to make ‘best-guesses’ at based on the majority opinion of those Djup Strupes.

So, here we go.


Yes, there’s still life left in 2007, though it’s nothing we don’t know about already. The Frankfurt Motor Show is coming up in just over a week’s time and the Saab Turbo-X will be making it’s public debut at that show.

The 9-7x Aero has been mentioned by Saab and the car was used as a support vehicle for the recent media event covering the 2008 Saab 9-3. It hasn’t been released for sale yet, though, but will be in a few month’s time.


The new year will start off with the NAIAS in Detroit, in January. Saab employees have been seeing the 9-4x in the metal in Sweden in the last few months and word to me is that we’ll all get to see what’s been called a 9-4x concept in Detroit at the start of 2008.

In either March or April, sales of the Turbo-X will commence, and I predict they’ll conclude shortly thereafter.

The Geneva Motor Show will also be around this time and there may be a public viewing of the 9-3x. I’m basing this on the fact that it will be released for sale later in the year and needs to be shown somewhere. There is also the distinct possibility that we may see a concept vehicle for the new small Saab at this show.

It’s also highly likely that there’ll be a final special edition 9-5 released in late Spring 2008, to carry the car through it’s final year.

Following on from the XWD introduction with the Turbo-X, the 2.0T engine in the US should be receiving the XWD option in the third quarter of 2008. I’m unsure about it’s availability for non-Aero variants in other markets.

Later in 2008, possibly September or October, we can expect the 9-3x – a Saab 9-3 SportCombi raised around two inches, with XWD and a skid plate in the lower air dam.


The majority of intel received indicates that we’re likely to see the 9-4x for sale around March or April of 2009. One source indicates late 2008, but I’ll go with the majority in this instance simply because it’s the majority. A Detroit showing of the finl product in January 2009 seems highly likely.

The majority of intel received also indicates a new Saab 9-5 debut around the same time, but I’m inclined to think along the lines of another source and say that it’ll be around the third quarter of 2009 that the new 9-5 is released, as a 2010 model. It may be that we’ll see a debut of the 9-5 in Geneva early in the year with the car to go on sale later in the year.

2010 and beyond.

2010 will see the debut of the new 9-5 in SportCombi form, as well as the likely debut of the smaller Saab 9-1. I’d expect the 9-5 Combi first, following from the sedan some six months earlier.

After these two there’s the new Saab 9-3, which will be based on Epsilon II. Sedan, Combi, Convertible…….. maybe even a coupe? But that’s mostly just speculation.

The Convertible has been spoken to me in terms of being something completely different, as if they’ve re-thought it completely and come up with something quite revolutionary.


So there you have it.

That’s the best info I’ve got to give, based on intel received in the last three months or so. It’s all good news, but the best news is that there’s one heck of a buttkicking 9-3 coming right now, so maybe it’s time to turn heads toward that one a little.

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  1. You can add to the timeline that the 200 bhp 9³ 2.0t BioPower is slated to hit the U.S. market sometime in model-year 2009. The date is not concrete but this info comes straight from the horse’s (Steve Shannon’s) mouth (and also from Andreas Andersson’s PowerPoint presentation).

  2. Well, according to latest registration data from Sweden they better release the new 9-5 in 2009… 🙂

    (It’s in your mail, Swade.)

  3. There two news from about Saab future models……

    Saab looks to expand lineup

    With U.S. sales of just 36,349 last year, Saab remains a niche brand.

    But it still plans to play like a big-leaguer, with a range of new and updated vehicles.

    Saab’s plans for 2007 to 2010:

    9-3: The 2008 9-3 is reskinned, adopting fascia, grille and surfacing themes first seen on the Aero X concept. This model also marks the return of Saab’s clamshell hood design, first seen on the 1967 Saab 99.

    The 9-3 will be re-engineered and restyled for 2010, developed on General Motors’ front-drive Epsilon 2 vehicle architecture. Engineering and production will take place in Russelsheim, Germany, not Sweden.

    9-5: The sedan and wagon will be redesigned, switching to the larger version Epsilon 2 architecture for 2009.

    9-4X: Saab is developing a small crossover using a mix of the re-engineered Theta and Epsilon 2 architectures. The vehicle will debut in 2009.

    Mid-sized crossover: GM tried to boost Saab sales by giving it the 9-7X, a mid-sized SUV based on the Chevrolet TrailBlazer, and the 9-2X, based on the Subaru Impreza. Both failed. But GM thinks a new crossover designed from the start as a Saab will help make the brand profitable. The vehicle is likely to join the lineup in 2009 or 2010.

    9-7X: The 9-7X uses GM’s GMT360 SUV architecture, which shares a platform with the TrailBlazer and GMC Envoy. Both of those vehicles will be phased out; the 9-7X could be dropped next year

  4. 1. i hope they don’t call the “raised turbo” the 9-3x;

    2. this time frame makes me itchy to scoop up an ’07, just to calm my nerves; and

    3. no mention of a hatch, but hopefully it won’t be forgotten.

  5. 9x, all the inside mail I’ve had has referred to the raised Combi as a 9-3x, hence my use of that name. It does differ from the 9-3x that SG’s referring to above, of course, with that one being a concept.

    We’ll have to wait and see if Saab release it with a different name next year.

  6. I bet it will not be 9-3x, because it already exists in concept for and is totally a different car. 9-3 Xwd or something like this, I guess.

    Hopefully we´ll here some official about it soon. Some photoshops would be nice..

  7. Perhaps SAAB registered the 9-4X name for the jacked-up XWD 9-3 and the upcoming “crossover” will get a different name (9-6X?).

    I don’t think they can take MarkoA’s suggestion (sorry, Marko) and call this vehicle “9-3 XWD” because that would confuse people about the 9-3 Aero available with XWD option.

    I mean, SAAB never used 9-6X (they were GOING to call their second SAABaru “9-6X” but it was canceled and it was slated to be just a bit smaller than the size of the 9-7X, I believe so the number makes sense) as a name for a vehicle. The new crossover is meant to replace the 9-7X, and it is to be a bit smaller in size.

    Someone in comments just yesterday was speculating that SAAB should stagger their numbering system between sedans and wagons like ovloV does so that if the next-gen 9-5 combi comes out a year after the sedan, the old-style combi won’t take a huge hit in sales for that year (not that a “hit in sales” of the current 9-5 would be all that noticeable anyway though! 😉 ).

  8. “Perhaps SAAB registered the 9-4X name for the jacked-up XWD 9-3 and the upcoming “crossover” will get a different name (9-6X?).”

    That´s a good idea, but likely still a bit weird. Unless they´d make some dramatic changes to the car. Which get´s me thinking original 93-X concept again. There was many neat ideas of storage etc.

    So if I was able to design this new raised 9-3xwd, it would get totally flat foldable rear seats, rugged interior material in the trunk and perhaps the nice partly glass roof found on concept also. Some new real-life functional features would be more than welcome. I´ve done several different make test drives (mostly SUV´s) and there´s plenty of neat features available which could be added also to Saab.

  9. MarkoA: while those are great ideas they might be best slated for the upcoming crossover (not the jacked-up XWD 9³ Sport Combi).

    I think the point of the jacked-up XWD 9³ Sport Combi (okay, we really need a shorter name for this) is that it’s a way to get another “model” variant out there very cheaply. They can add some taller springs and some plastic cladding and voila! new “model”.

  10. MarkoA – I am with you. I bet that the XWD 9-3 SportCombi will indeed be named the 9-4X. That would leave room for the future corss-over to be the 9-6X.

  11. I’m a bit confused as why people are speculating over the CUV 9-3 and that it needs a shorter name. The name has been confirmed and has been presented to dealers as the 9-3x.

  12. I can confirm that there is a crossover version of the 9-3 coming next year, a direct competitor to XC70. Wether it’s going to be called the 9-4x or 9-3x I don’t know. I suspect that the release-date is the coming swedish summer and that it’ll be introduced as MY2009.

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