Saab Performance Team get their 2008s

Spotted this one on Flickr. I have a feeling this isn’t the first I’ve seen of the SPT in the 2008 model, but I couldn’t be bothered searching the archives.

They look great, as always.

Saab performance Team

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  1. What happened to their old cars? Are there 4 “slightly used” red 9-3s sitting on the used car lot of ANA in Trollhattan with a sign “low miles, maintained by Saab, could use some new tires”..?

  2. I’m sure you could temporarily remove those matte chrome fog light surrounds, acid etch & prime them, and then paint & seal them to the appropriate color of choice. Sounds like a great future weekend project for some of us!

  3. Saaboy: it’s “matte chrome” according to Andreas Andersson of SAAB Sweden. However, I think it could be equally-aptly described as “brushed aluminum” or “satin chrome” as well. Sometimes it even looks to have a bit of a smoke or gunmetal finish to me on different colors of cars. It’s very similar to the front of the Acura TL to me (in color and material, not shape).

    I’m sure the SAAB Performance Team is just happy they weren’t provided with XWD-equipped Aeros. Could you imagine how much harder their job would be if they couldn’t break traction!?!?

    As for the potential for used SPT cars, I’m not sure I would want one. Besides the worn tires, these cars are worked quite a bit harder than the typical one. Also, I remember seeing video of one hitting a wall at the SAAB Festival performance. I’m sure that wasn’t a one-time occurrence. BTW, I did get that you were only joking, Wulf…

  4. Hey cdp88, I bet you could slap a great K & N filtercharger kit (if one exists) in and get at least another 10 – 15 HP easy. I’ve enjoy them on my last couple of autos. Its the cheapest & easiest HP upgrade for any vehicle! Should be a must have for any enthusiast’s vehicle!!!

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