Saab to increase ad spend

UPDATE: PT has prompted a good question as to which bit of Saab this relates to. Given that Steve Shannon is the focus and the article soeaks of ads in the north-east USA, I’d say it’s fair to assume it’s America only.


This is on my feed reader. It’s from Automotive News, which I don’t have a paid subscription for, but hopefully one of the usual suspects will come up trumps and give us an insight as to what’s going on with the rest of the story.

Saab’s advertising budget this year is slightly higher than last year’s $55.4 million as it prepares to promote its reskinned 9-3 sedan in the fourth quarter.

This is great news. Saab’s advertising was static this year as there was nothing new coming out until later in the year.

With a great new 9-3 in the showroom and boosted publicity campaign, this should mean good things for 2008.

I’ll keep you posted.


Thanks Mats!

Saab’s advertising budget this year is slightly higher than last year’s $55.4 million as it prepares to promote its reskinned 9-3 sedan in the fourth quarter.

National advertising for the 9-3 launch will began in mid-October with a heavy TV presence.

“We’ve got a little bit of extra money in the fourth quarter,” said Steve Shannon, Saab’s general manager. “Saab is going to feel bigger than we usually do.”

The campaign will begin around Oct. 15, Shannon said. The advertising message will emphasize the car’s new look.

It’s great that they’ve been given a bit extra for 07, and understandable that they’d have saved it until now to maximise a TV presence for the new car:

Saab’s 2006 advertising budget of $55.4 million was down from $76.4 million in 2005, according to TNS Media Intelligence. For the next couple of years, Saab’s marketing budget is expected to be similar to this year’s.

I’ve gotta say, a 20mil drop is a fair bit of coin, and yet Saab still managed reasonable sales last year, considering. Here’s hoping that some wise spending of an increased amount on a new, refreshed 9-3 will reap some good results in the new year.

Shannons also been hanging out with US Saab dealers in a bid to reassure them about the future for Saab:

He showed them a plan that outlined how every 90 days, between now and when a new product arrives at the end of 2009, there will be a new marketing, merchandizing or product initiative announced to dealers.

That plan should hopefully line up with the Saab Future Models Plan that I outlined last week.

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  1. Swade,

    What part of Saab does this refer to? Total Global spend or is it the budget for corporate international campaigns with each market having their own sub-budget?

    Any context of what level this applies to and the the corresponding sales target gives an idea of how committed Saab is to advertising.

    An yes, $20mill off a total of $70-odd is a big hit.

  2. PT just beat me to it – I wanted to fire the same question. Swade, you may recall the note I forwarded to you from GM Southern Africa and it looks as if what is being reported here is in similar vein to that note, right? I understand that marketing dollars are in tandem with the sales volume, but you got to generate the audience first, right?

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