Saab Turbo X pricing


Rayman has already reported, below, that the Saab Turbo X will be sold in Germany at 46,000 Euro, which is around 6,000 Euro or so above the price of the 2Wd Aero 9-3.

The SportCombi Turbo X will be priced at 47,500 Euro.



I’ve just received an email from Sweden and it’s telling me the following:

The price is 409900 SEK – To compare an Aero with the same extras (not the XWD ofc) will cost 372700 SEK.

That price includes the “Pilot-package”, including rain-sensing wipers, parking-sensor, handsfree-preparation, electric-seats with memory, theft-alarm. The base price also includes all leather and 18” rims, manual gearbox and the Audiosystem 150.

Sweden have got 175 Turbo X Sport Sedans and 200 Turbo X SportCombis out of the worldwide share.


If you get Turbo X pricing in your country, let me know and Ill update this post.

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  1. That is a lot of money and BMW 335i territory – I really hope the armory is in place to justify that. In local currency, that is 409,900 Swedish Krona = 439,094 South African Rand.

    The current 9-3 sport sedan Aero is ZAR356,000 bar any optional equipment and even though this will be a facelift with better materiel and an uprated engine, that will be 9-5 territory! The current 9-5 Aero can be had at ZAR356,000, similar the the 9-3 SS Aero and this is purely because of the export credits GM Southern Africa is earning thru exporting right-hand drive Hummers and etc. Hmm – I will wait and see what the local pricing will look like – someone will be at pains to explain how one can fork that kind of money locally without hurting the 9-5, whether current or new!

  2. Mr Aero – you are preaching to a converted – I was purely pointing out the pricing proposition in this part of the world and the clash thence with the 9-5 Aero. Saab now has the armory sance the quality to dynamically and squarely challenge those who believe in the VAG, BMW and DC (drop the C as Chrysler has been weaned off) brigade. In Namibia, premium is perceived as being Audi, BMW, Mercedes, VAG and Volvo (part of the Premier Automotive Group which Ford is trying to wean off). What I was saying is that if someone in this part of the world is going to spend that kind of money, the first thing he/she will look at is the C-class, 3-series and the A4 offerings, not Saab. But I am a convert already and so are you.

  3. Probably not, DN. Saabs are waaaaay cheaper in the US than anywhere else so a straight conversion from Europe won’t be accurate. It will be interesting to see, though.

  4. Saab Turbo-X won’t be availble in Russian Fed due to low rate of sales last year – 2006 324 cars were sold, that is less then porsche sales.

  5. So much for the line the Saab press release about the “order book is now open.” It’s not, at least in the U.S. My local dealer confirm this in a message just now:

    – No pricing on the Turbo X has been set for the U.S. market

    – No date has been set for the launch of U.S. orders

    – No other details are available

    swade, you will be happy to know that the dealer pointed my attention to a great display of pics on the new Turbo X — of course, it was @!

  6. Kroum,

    I don’t blame the dealer for wanting to keep one for himself! =-)

    I think swade is spot on with his $40 K estimate (U.S.) for the Turbo X.

  7. what can I say about this car? I did not like the new Saab as you do not see THE SAAB in it but this turbo just beats it all. It is WONDERFUL. A BEAUTY. Now you see THE SAAB again. Just saving up for it.

  8. Serg_1234: that just means SAABs are “more exclusive” than Porsches in Russia! 🙂

    I think the only more exclusive SAABs than the Turbo-X in SAAB history (not counting concepts and one-offs and such) would be the Sonett (1), the 1991 Beryl Green SPG, 1984 Pearl White SPG, and the Springtime in Sweden classic 900 of which only one copy was sent to each dealer. How many Carlsson editions were sold in the U.K.? Maybe the Finlandia (900CD) which eggs enlightened me on here was more exclusive than the Turbo-X?

    As disappointed as I am overall with the Turbo-X, I think it’s a heck of a deal if it sells for only $40K in the U.S., assuming you can get your hands on one. It’s a genuine collector’s classic, bound to increase in value as it’s limited to only 2,000 copies (worldwide, so how many will your country get?), and when you consider that the 2,000 will be split between sedan and combi, with each being available with either manual or automatic transmission, it’s even more exclusive to have a particular variant. And at a price less than you can buy a “run-of-the-mill” 9⁵!?!? Heck, if I had the money I’d even consider buying one!!!

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