Saab Turbo X – Tech Specs in brief


2792cc. V6. Aluminum cylinder heads and block. Twin-scroll turbocharger, intercooled. DOHC, 24-valve.
Variable valve timing (inlet). Dual-mass flywheel. Bosch Motronic ECM

Max power: 280 hp (206 kW) @ 5,500 rpm. Max. torque: 400 Nm @ 2,150 – 4,500 rpm
Bore/stroke: 89.0/74.8 mm. Compression Ratio: 9.5: 1. Max. Boost Pressure: 0.8 bar.


Saab XWD, all-wheel-drive. Electronic rear limited-slip differential (eLSD)
6-speed manual or automatic gearbox

Front: MacPherson struts and gas shock absorbers. Anti-roll bar. Hydroformed sub-frame.
Rear: Indep, four link, incl. toe-link. Coil springs and self-levelling shock absorbers. Anti-roll bar. Sub-frame.

Rack and pinion, hydraulic power assistance. Turning circle (curb to curb): 11.7m.Lock to lock: 2.75 turns

Wheels, Tires:
18 x 7.5″ , 235/45R18,
19 x 7.5″ , 235/40R19,

Hydraulic, dual circuit, vacuum booster. Discs: 345 mm / 292 mm (all ventilated)

Performance Data

(preliminary figures)

0 – 100 kph:
Sport Sedan: 5.7 secs (manual)
SportCombi: 5.9 secs (manual)

80 – 120 kph (5th gear):
Sport Sedan: 7.9 secs
SportCombi: 8.3 secs

Top Speed:
Sport Sedan: 250 kph (manual)
SportCombi: 250 kph (manual)

Fuel consumption/CO2 (combined cycle, L/100km):
Sport Sedan: 10.9 / 259 gm/km (manual)
SportCombi: 11.0 / 263 gm/km (manual)

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  1. I guess the top speed is governd at 250 kph in europe.
    what about the us version? does the us version also do the 250 kph or just the 217 kph like on the recent V6 aeros?

    now 5.7 sec is really a word!

  2. Governed at 135mph…. I did not know that and I don’t think I will be able to test that out around here in Ohio in my ’07.

    Local law enforcement tend to frown at anything over 100mph and some days anything over 65mph… sigh.

    One of the fun things about the V6 Aero is that it goes from 50 to 90mph without even breaking a sweat at part throttle. Messing with lesser vehicles on the freeway in my ‘wagon’ is just good old fashion fun.

    Sounds like the Turbo X will add to that with 296 lb. ft. of torque available through the majority of the power band – that is a substantial increase.

    I wonder if they had to modify the engine in any way to cope with the higher boost pressure.

  3. Just FYI those fuel economy numbers translate to:
    21.57 miles per U.S. gallon (25.91 miles per Imperial gallon) for the manual transmission version of the sedan
    21.38 miles per U.S. gallon (25.68 miles per Imperial gallon) for the manual transmission version of the sedan.

    Those numbers are “combined”, so the highway (the number most often quoted in U.S. advertising) will be greater and the city (the worst-case scenario) will be worse.

    I would suspect this still isn’t the worst fuel economy in the SAAB range (hello, 9⁷X!!!)…

  4. Ted Y – I was looking at the 217kph that Mr. Aero implied for the US market car. That works out to just about 135mph if I did my math correctly.

    At any rate – we all know that if any car with a flux capacitor (like the V6 9-3 has) hits a speed of 88mph (141kph) – we get time travel. 🙂

  5. Sport combi Turbo-X : 80-120kph 8,3sec,
    Aero 255hp : 80-120 8,3sec

    Is that correct?

    Also, TTiD : 80-120kph 8,5sec
    Not bad, considering that it´s a fwd oilburner!

  6. Marko, if that’s a fwd Aero, it says the added hp are just enough to compensate the extra weight and transmission losses of the xwd. (Assuming the gearing is unchanged).

    The 80-120 acceleration isn’t exactly traction-limited even with this kind of torque.

    TTiD is going to offer some great everyday performance. Too bad it’s priced quite (=too) high.

  7. Swade: Are you SURE these are turbo-x specs or just the 280HP XWD specs? I know the question has been bounced around as to whether the turbo-x will have any better performance than the Aero XWD. ‘Cause if there is a Combi turbo-x out there as these specs infer, and I find out you’re holdin’ out on me and not posting the pics… All I can say is they better have some time/date code on them or you’re in trouble.
    Mr Elsinore: And I’d like to point out that these tapes have not been faked, or altered in any way. In fact they have time coding, which is very hard to fake.

    Judge: Would you please explain for the court “time coding.”

    Mr. Elsinore: Well, uh, just because I don’t know what it is, it doesn’t mean I’m lying.

  8. Hello everyone, this is my first ever post but I’ve had a 9-3 SE conv and Viggen convertible before.

    This black turbo looks interesting. How do these numbers compare to the Viggen? I know the Viggen struggled 0-60 with the torque steer, but on the highway it was downright intimidating and fun. How do these 80-120km numbers compare to the Viggen’s, and how will third gear thrust compare to Viggen’s? Also, how much total boost are we looking at here, I loved the 20 on the Vig!


  9. In my point of view the price of TTiD is just as good as 2.8v6t. They are for different types of drivers, but they both are good at what they´re doing. These diesels have to always been considered as a lower consumption high performance cars. You know what I´m talking about when you drive one. Like some BMW diesels. I know, they cannot beat petrol units almost by any measure. But they still are very strong and driveable, and what´s most – fuel efficient. Consumption stays almost the same, are you driving in the city or transfering your boat on the highway.

    New TTiD has 300Nm of torq @ 1250rpm, which is pretty freaking huge considering that it´s a 1.9 liter engine.

    So, in the end I think the price is quite right if you compare it to what other makers have for offer.

  10. Sorry that I went out of topic, but Swade, one question:

    When you drove Aero TTiD, can you recall if there was a boost gauge on the dash or not? Autoexpress tested and on one photo, gauge is there. But if you use Saab car configurator, no diesel has boost gauge. I think it would be nice feature on TTiD also. Considering that there´s 1.8bar of boost maximum!

  11. Re Aero TTid 180bhp save the money and hirsch a 150bhp 1.9Tid to175bhp its cheaper,
    Also my hirsched 2.8v6 is 5.1 0-60 so quicker than xwd and the hirsch ups the top end restrition to 160mph and its got 345mm FRONT BRAKES too
    Isnt turbo x and black x the same thing just the black x is a special edition to mark the 30th anniversary of saab turbo hence black car and black leather interior

    And lastly sorry to rain on your parade but my hirsched 2.8V6T 275bhp 80-120kph 6.5sec so you know when you get blasted away in your xwd its the hirsch that makes the difference

  12. Kroum
    Well im waiting till they drop in price quicker than a lead balloon. Then ill be chopping my 2.8 for one. I should have gone black again not blue, always reget it, i should have learnt after my 6th saab black looks best

  13. Kroum
    dont get me wrong i am not knocking this fantastic car, i love it, and ill have one next year did not think that when i got my 1st 9000 t16 i would make it up to a brand the top of the range car 10 years later

  14. Sure xwd would make a difference for you in the snow but living in the south west of england snow is rare although do wonder if i would be able to tow my boat behind it. then i could ditch the shogun. Emailed some youtube footage to my dealer, got home that night to see a flyer for turbo x now if thats not an omen i dont know what is

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