Saab XWD on video – funfunfun

I picked up on this one again from Ken posting it over at SaabCentral. My goodness!

I first put this one on site back in August, but it was combined with another video, didn’t really feature at all, and after seeing the post at SC I felt it deserved some time in the sun on its own. It’s just sensational.

This video was shot in Sweden at the test track where the assembled press got to drive the pre-production versions of 9-3 SportCombis fitted with the full XWD system.

I think you’ll agree that the following video, whilst short, makes for some very interesting and exciting viewing. Prospective XWD purchasers, watch with interest…..

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  1. Yeah, I wonder what they are now going to write after the XWD are released. I put money on the table that the badge will be the problem ie not made in Germany. They can all go to hell as far as I am concerned !!!

  2. Always a pleasure, Ken. I don’t get enough time to visit SC much anymore, so it was great to have a fossick around there today.

    You really need to talk the mods there into allowing video embedding. Must be a PITA.

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