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Saab 99Congratulations to a mate in Sydney, Brendan B, for seemingly becoming the reference point for Saab 99s on

The Amazon automotive editorial section today has a Car Lust article on the Saab 99, which features a couple of images from, and a reference to Brendan’s Australian Saab 99 register.

If you’re into 99s and you haven’t paid Brendan’s site a visit, then you should. It’s a great Saab 99 resource. I bet Brendan’s spewing that they didn’t use a picture of his black 99T in the article, though 🙂

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  1. Good reading, but they got one fact wrong: “The Saab 99 was significant for more than serving as a progenitor for the 900; it was a performance car in its own right, with a sterling rally record that catapulted Saab into the consciousness of motorsports fans across the world.”

    It wasn’t the 99 that catapulted Saab into the consciousness of motorsports fans, it was the 96. The 99 was only in the rally scene from 78 to 80 and didn’t score many wins. It did well on the race track though, scoring class A and B national championships around 1978 at Road Atlanta, beating the likes of Porsche and Datsun.

  2. Ted, couldn’t have said it better myself. The 93 and 96 (and even the 95) are the cars that put Saab at the forefront of rallying, spanning a period of some 20 years. The 99 had a far shorter lifespan, and most rally wins towards the end of the model run when the turbo was introduced. The handling characteristics of the older cars were also much better.


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