Saabs fare well in cost of ownership study

Forbes magazine posted an article last month and I’m unsure as to how I missed it. Thankfully, Ron H has drawn my attention to it so I can cover it now.

US consumer sites don’t always rate Saab too highly. These ratings are generally based on reliability problems experienced by owners of cars that are three or four years old. Quality has improved in the last few years, and combined with a survey like this one and others that will hopefully follow with the new 08 model, things are looking a bit better going forward.

As mentioned, the article was published in Forbes Magazine online and they’re measuring the six costs over the first five years of ownership in order to find the least expensive ‘luxury’ vehicle to own. Having a look at the vehicles in the class, I’d tend to think that they’re measuring what’s more often referred to as an “entry-luxury” fleet, but that’s just me.

The costs measured included depreciation, interest and opportunity costs, fuel, maintenance and repairs, insurance, and taxes and fees.

Click through to see the final top 10 at Forbes with the actual costs listed, but here’s the list in short form. Two Saabs included!!!

    10. Lincoln MKZ: $55,011
    9. Lexus ES 350: $54,585
    8. Acura RDX: $54,502
    7. Lexus IS 250: $53,220
    6. Volvo V50: $52,906
    5. Audi A3: $51,513
    4. Saab 9-3 SportCombi: $51,499
    3. Volvo S40: $51,484
    2. Saab 9-3 Sedan: $50,282
    1. Acura TSX: $47,084

Hopefully, with better quality ratings in the future it may improve depreciation (one of the biggest knocks on Saab in this study) and further improve Saab’s position in studies like this one.

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  1. When you consider that you can get a base 9-3 for USD 21K(07), 9-3 becomes the least expensive car (in the list) to own. If only people knew.

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