SaabUSA want your stories

Saab Stories

Saab USA want you to tell them their stories. They’ll use these stories to inspire other would-be owners and new purchasers by placing them in various future Saab publications like the Saab Magazine and maybe even a publication given to new owners in the future.

It’s a great chance to share your Saab experience with others.

I’m sure they’ll get plenty more wedding stories and “my dad had a 2-stroke” stories and if you’ve got any of those then please do feel free to share them. it’s important to get that great Saab vibe out there.

But please, if you’re only story is one where having a hatch that could swallow an elephant was of great benefit over and over, then please make sure you share that one too. Or maybe you had a time when you really could have benefited from Bluetooth integration…..

Seriously, if you’ve got a great story to tell, then SaabUSA are asking to hear it. You can send in photos, too. Spread the love.


Who’da thunk it. A website that tells Saab stories, with pictures!

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  1. Personally I’m curious to know if somebody who leaves there story will be notified by Saab so that they know. I left mine and would at least personally would like to know so I could see where my story got put if it does.

  2. Nahum, I’d be astounded if they didn’t provide some sort of feedback. If they’re not going to do it properly and look after those who have supplied their material, then they should stay out of it all together.

    Please do let me know how if there’s any feedback from them at all.

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