Saturday Night Fever

Sorry for the slow posting, but it’s a combination of the weekend, football finals, and a flu that’s knocking the living daylights out of both myself and my Mrs. The flu seems to change every year. This year there’s been no sneezing, but a lot of congestion and coughing. It feels like I’ve got a meat hook through my chest and out my back. Horrid stuff.


From England this week – Robin M reported earlier this week that he’s seen his first MY08 Saab 9-3 on the road. This would be the first report I’ve heard of one on public roads outside of Sweden.

Robin’s also posted a bunch of pics of his 1:43 cars at Flickr, including the 9-2x and 9-7x.

It is funny with 1:43 cars how they all end up around the same size.


Another thing that popped up on my Flickr feed – this lifesaving Saab.

Wrecked Saab

You’d think that if a Saab saved your life like it seems this one might have (it looks pretty seriously damaged) then you’d be inclined to get another one.

This guy has also posted a picture as part of the same photostream and he’s entitled the picture “new car”. Go figure.

Wrecked Saab


The Turbo-X is going to be the biggest thing at the Frankfurt Motor Show as far as I’m concerned. Yes, I am that closed minded.

But Opel will be releasing a variant of the E-Flex setup that first saw the light of day as the Chevy Volt at Detroit back in January.

This one’s called the Opel Flextreme and it features a 1.3 litre diesel as it’s range extender in place of the E85 unit on the Volt. I’m sure Rayman will be snapping plenty of pictures of the vehicle, but if you want a sneak-peek (some of this technology will doubtless flow to Saab in the future) the head on over to Autoblog, where they’ve published an advance press release.

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  1. What kind of Saab wagon is that? It looks just like my 2002 Saturn LW200 or the Opel Vectra kombi, which the Saturns were built on.

  2. Ted, that’s a great story!
    She (the driver of the Saab) walked home!
    And this is a quote from the article: ‘Police said the cement mixer driver was sent to the Tan Tock Seng Hospital with leg abrasions.’
    that oughta teach those cement truck drivers to hit a Saab….

  3. I’ve gotta apologise. Greg Abbott sent me that Saab vs Cement Truck link yesterday and I completely forgot about it when I was writing this. It was a great story, indeed. Thanks for posting it in, Ted.

  4. OT: Just had to mention what might be another conquest sale. One of the attorneys where I work came in and said something like “Hey Ted, I’ve just joined the Saab club with you.” Turns out he just switched from an Audi to a 2007 Laser Red 2.0T Auto. Says he really likes the engine. I mentioned that he could find out first hand if Saabs are reliable or not and he mentioned that the sun roof doesn’t work—bummer. Hope that’s the only thing.
    Don’t know how he knew I drove a Saab, I never told anyone, and I only drive to a park-and-ride and take the bus. Only thing I can figure is the System Administrator reported my excessive hits on Trollhattansaab 🙂
    Hey, maybe that’s why he looked into Saab.

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