Scott’s three Saabs

This is Scott’s 07 Anniversary convertible – it’s his first Saab.

Saab 9-3 Vert

Not bad for a 23 year old, eh? It’s his first new car and he tells me it’s the start of a beautiful relationship. Well, I haven’t seen Scott, and I’m not one normally given to calling a man beautiful, but i’ll agree on the car.

The fact that this is his first Saab, the fact that it’s an 07 and the fact that the headline says he’s got three may lead you to wonder what his other two Saabs might be.

Well, Scott was the first commenter to suggest AER-085 back when I held a competition to plate my 900 Aero. So, thanks to John at Elkparts, these are his second and third Saabs!!

Saab scale models

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  1. Congrats Scott! Nice ride(s).

    I’ve been purposely trying to avoid collecting those scale model cars because I know my OCD will force me to empty my bank account on creating the full collection. But I was given one at the SAAB 60th Anniversary Event in San Diego (the red RAC Rally 96) and then another (the Aero-X) at the Washington D.C. 9³ Media Debut I covered for Swade’s ‘blog.

    What I like about those cars is that they’re all the same scale, so for example in the pic in this post you can see how much bigger the Aero-X is than the 92.001 was.

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