Some Saab 9-5 bits

Psycho Dave shot me an email earlier in the week to let me know about some new bits and pieces on offer for those of you that might interested in dressing up your 2008 Saab 9-5 (though it’d be worth checking out their compatibility with prior years, Robin).

They’re available though the 9-5 section of the Global Saab Accessories website.

First up there’s a door moulding decor strip. You can see it accross the bottom of the door in this pic. It’s a metallic finish piece and it gives that little extra touch to set your 9-5 apart a little.

Saab 9-5 door trim

We’ve seen those matt chrome mirrors on the new 9-3, though they’ve been somewhat shrouded in mystery. There’s a set of metal finish mirrors available for the 9-5 too. And here’s what they look like:

Saab 9-5 mirrors

Prices aren’t mentioned on the site as yet, but if you’re looking to ‘pimp your five’ then it might be worth checking out.

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  1. There is a price for the matt chrome mirrors on the Swedish site, 1288 SEK (193 USD or 139 EUR). There is no mention if it is the price for two or if it just for one 😉

  2. The availability of a ‘car bra’ would be a good idea for the latest 9-5. Am looking forward to seeing what Saab has up its sleeve for the new 9-5 and if it looks anything like the spy shots we have seen….! 🙂

  3. I think you may want to go for a “clear bra” for the 9-5. I have already found on MY07 9-5 Aero that the front end is so low it acts like a shovel and everything is getting it. Those mirrors would look really sharp on an Aero as it goes with the dash and Aluminum touches. I think I like my rims better though.

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