SOTW: A different convertible

Markus in Germany has sent me a few pics. He works at a dealership there and this is a new convertible they’ve recently got into stock.

I thought I’d show it here because I was quite struck with the color combination. It’s a smoke beige 2008 model, with a sand soft top. Most convertibles I see seem to be blue, or black, or white or something. This is a combination I’ve never seen and it works beautifully.

Saab 9-3 convertible

Note the original Saab dual exhaust out the back!

Saab Convertible

This is one sophisticated looking machine. Those are steel grey 18″ Hirsch wheels on it by the way. I’m lovin it.

Saab Convertible

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  1. Nice. Not the colour for me, but it´s okay. I´m not gonna buy that car 😉

    That sport exhaust looks good too. Does anyone know the price for it (double tip & lower bumper part)? It´s mentioned on the ´08 accessories brochure , but there´s no price and dealer didn´t know it either.

  2. It’s an interesting color. Like MarkoA, I agree that it’s not my color. I prefer the Black Metallic. I can’t wait to get my MY 08 9-3 Convertible!

  3. See, now that has just made me even more impatient. M Aero V6 ‘vert is only 2-3 weeks away from being in the drive, and i just can’t wait!!! Dagnabbit!!

  4. Those Hirsch wheels are stunning in the flesh.

    I saw a set on a grey sportcombi Aero at the weekend and i cricked my neck doing a double take – they really are nice!

  5. Re the double tipped exhaust – its exactly the same as the stock exhaust (sound and performance) just trimmed back with chrome tips welded on. You can get any 2 bit exhaust centre to mod the one on you car to get the same look (and it aslo doesnt invole sawing the mid section in half and using clamps and brackets like what the Saab twin pipe upgrade does!)

  6. Huh. So, ´08 owners have to buy the bumper part from dealer and get aftermarket tip or rear silencer + tip and enjoy nice sport exhaust 🙂

    I´m still suprised if the Saab sport exhaust is a different tip. The price is way too much for that. And the brochure says that you´ll have nice throaty and more sportier exhaust note with it. Oh well..

  7. Hats off to Markus, good to see somebody flying the flag for Saab in Germany.

    Seems sales there might be low but Markus’ dealership is putting through some beauties.

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