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Regular visitor and commenter here, EHall1 recently dropped some pics of his new 9-5 into my inbox. Much overlooked and occasionally maligned for its age, the 9-5 is a rock solid car, and Ed certainly seems to be enjoying his:

I think I have died and gone to heaven, it is so comfortable. I am amazed at how much the front end of this looks IMHO like the new 9-3. The hood, “eyebrow lights” and the fog lights, I am very pleased. I think the wheels are especially awesome.

I have contacted the Bay Area Saab Club and will be doing some runs with them in the next few weeks. I hope they can overlook a new Saab in amongst the classics that are in the club. It always happens when ever you buy a new car, you start to see the other cars of the same make and model. It is amazing how many Saabs are running around where I live.

It is amazing how you see your own model more often. It’s also good to see one of these in white. It wears it well.

Though I hope the VW logo goes missing from the tags in quick order 😉

Saab 9-5

Saab 9-5

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  1. The 9-5 looks good in white, which surprises me because I thought it would be a car that looks better in darker colors. It looks like a large sedan in that picture.

    I wish the 9-5 brochure and the Saab website showed good pictures of the car in all the colors. As a prospective buyer, it was too difficult finding pictures of the car. Dealer inventory wasn’t a choice as they only had black, smoke beige, and titan gray. I’m still waiting to see a good picture of chili red and parchment silver. I’m very impressed with the way smoke beige and titan gray change as the level of lighting changes.

  2. What’s this guy talking about!?!

    “I am amazed at how much the front end of this looks IMHO like the new 9-3.”

    While it is an overall nice car and you can get a great deal on them, does anyone else think it’s ugly as sin, especially with the chrome? Is it just me?

  3. Ugly? Yes, 9-5s have an ugly habit of accumulating more miles than the lease allows. I just pulled ahead on my 2006 9-5 2.3T lease (27 mos.) and leased a 2007 9-5 Aero. Bought miles this time. The road manners and gas mileage are beautiful!

  4. They call this one Polar White, but it is really a butter cream color. I think the rims on this are way cool, and it has the headlights that adjust to stay level and not blind the people coming at you. I did get the Motorola bluetooth as soon as I picked it up. That works very sweet through the cars speaker system. The ventilated seats are awsome. That is is the one thing that sold the Mrs on it (she drives a Prius).

    I traded in a subaru Outback for it and find that with the way the back seats fold down, I have almost as much cargo space as I had in the outback. I just don’t have the height.

    I “have” ordered custom plate holders for it from Gunther. I will also be ordering personal plates. Unfortunately my dealer also sells, those other cars.

  5. Joemama, It’s just you – especially with the chrome.

    Sorryyy, just couldn’t help myself. (And, I like the 9-5 a lot, too)

  6. Indeed, Joe. It’s just you.

    Looks great in white and those ventilated seats are the most useful development, ever. I’d happily go without AC where I live if I had ventilated seats.

  7. hey joemama i am pretty much with you regarding the chrome really does not look that bad on the white or a light colored car but to my eye it looks nasty on the darker cars. check out the chili red wagon on the link wulf posted, blecchhhhh

  8. The ventilated seats in the 9-5 was one of the reasons I switched from my 9-3 to a 9-5. My back always gets sticky when its hot but turn up those vented seats and you’re in heaven. An expensive $1000 option (at least on my 2001 for the original purchaser) but well worth it. Can’t wait to experience the heated seats when it gets cold out.

    I am really starting to like the 9-5 face lift and think it looks great in lighter colors. It is definitely like no other car on the road. Give me a 2006/2007 manual 9-5 SportWagon in silver /black, please…!

  9. I like Rod’s 9-5 too! Instant classic and an amazing road car with room for tall adults in the back seat. Swade, you posted pics of my new 9-5 2.3T in Chilli Red back in the spring: Are they still available in your archives? I’n neutral about the chrome up front, but I do like the overall front treatment and you can’t see it from the driver’s seat. Has anyone compared the front view of the new TurboX to that of the (infamous?) 9-2X? Now there’s heresy for a SAAB fan–but take a look and judge for yourself.

  10. Wow, Bruce, I never picked up on that. They look really similar. That’s weird, haha.

    Also, when I looked at a 9-2x for that comparison, I noticed that the 9-2x has a hood scoop, and I feel pretty dumb, because I never noticed that before.

  11. I just can’t believe people buy these cars…I mean, I know I’m not alone – sales numbers don’t lie.

    Anyone with even half an eyebrow hair for design must dislike the chrome. I thought all the reviews even thought the new “refresh” was a joke.

    Am I wrong? Did I dream this?

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