Special edition Saab for Dutch market

It’s good to hear some Dutch Saab news that doesn’t involve someone dressing in drag….

Anyone in the Netherlands thinking of picking up a new Saab might have to give some consideration to the model and spec they want to buy. Saab have announced a special accessories package for the base model Saab 9-3 in both Sport Sedan and SportCombi forms and it’ll be available for order from now until the end of the year.

My web translator’s not doing the best job on this one. It actually looks like there’s two packages available. I’ve reproduced the original Saab press release after the jump, so any Dutchies reading this can check it out in their native tongue (and let us know what’s going on in comments).

The pack seems to be pretty well loaded, however. It includes the following:

    Multimedia receiver including navigation system with 6 x 9-inch display

    cd/mp3-player and dvd-player (I think)

    Tmc-module: Traffic Message Channel for active route accompaniment

    Bluetooth tel. module, arranged for the most attentive Bluetooth Gsm-toestellen

    Vector steering wheel(?): firm wheel wheel with ergonomic grip

    matt chrome finishing strip on dashboard for an exclusive look

    Automatically dimming mirrors(?)

That’s the best I can make of it, at least.

As mentioned, the full release in Dutch follows, and it includes the pricing for this extra package.

Intro Accessory Pack voor nieuwe Saab 9-3

Comfort voor een prettige prijs

Kopers van een nieuwe Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan of 9-3 Sport Estate Linear of Intro Edition kunnen nu kiezen voor een extra luxe uitvoering. Tot en met het einde van dit jaar hebben zij namelijk de mogelijkheid de auto tegen een zeer gereduceerde prijs te voorzien van een aantal comfortverhogende accessoires, zoals een Multimedia Receiver met ingebouwd navigatiesysteem.

Het Intro Accessory Pack is bedoeld voor de uitvoeringen Linear en Intro Edition. De laatste is al voorzien van een uitgebreid pakket accessoires ter aanvulling op de al behoorlijk complete uitrusting van de Linear. De meerprijs van de Intro Edition ten opzichte van de Linear bedraagt 1.700 euro terwijl de waarde van het Intro Edition pakket ruim 4.500 euro bedraagt. Het nu voor de Linear en Intro Edition aangeboden Intro Accessory Pack vertegenwoordigt een waarde van 3.125 euro en wordt aangeboden voor 1.995 euro.

Het Intro Accessory Pack omvat:
– Multimedia Receiver inclusief navigatiesysteem met 6,9-inch beeldscherm met stuurwiel- en losse afstandsbediening en navigatie voor Europa, cd-/mp3-speler en dvd-speler
– TMC-module: Traffic Message Channel voor actieve routebegeleiding
– Bluetooth-telefoon module, geschikt voor de meest voorkomende Bluetooth GSM-toestellen
– Vector-stuurwiel: stevig stuurwiel met ergonomische grip
– Matchromen afwerking: strip op dashboardkastje voor een exclusieve look
– Automatisch dimmende binnenspiegel die het zicht bij fel (zon)licht of hinderlijke koplampverlichting verbetert

Het Intro Accessory Pack is niet onderhevig aan BPM en wordt ook niet meegerekend bij de fiscale bijtelling in geval de auto zakelijk wordt gereden. De dealer bouwt het pakket namelijk achteraf in.

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  1. Translation of the most important info:

    – Multimedia Receiver including navigation system with 6-9 inch display with steering wheel and remote controls, maps for Europe, CD/MP3 and DVD player.
    – TMC Module: Traffic Message Channel for active route guidance
    – Bluetooth for the most common GSM handsets
    – Vector steering wheel, firm with ergonomic grip
    – Matt chrome décor strip on glove box
    – Auto-dimming rear-view mirror

    On the Linear, the value of this package is 4,500 euro and it is offered at 1,700 euro. Everything is dealer installed so it won’t be taxed under the BPM tax (20-25% tax on new cars in addition to the sales tax).

  2. In short:

    Buyers of a new 9-3 Sedan of Sport Estate can choose for an extra luxurious edition.

    The Intro Accessory Pack is meant for the Linear (base model) and Intro Editions (base model +, speaks for itself).

    On top of a Linear you will pay €1700,- for accessories worth €4500,-.
    On an Intro Edition it’s €1995,- instead of €3125,-.

    It includes the following:
    – Kenwood sat-nav with CD- / DVD- / MP3-playability, all controlled from the steering wheel or the remote
    – TMC
    – Vector steering wheel (http://www.saab.nl/main/image/2008/features/93_S_SLSW.jpg)
    – Matt Chrome glove box strip
    – Dimming Rearview Mirror (dimming the bright lights from people behind you)


    The reason this package is so attractive, is because the buyer doesn’t need to pay the BPM-tax, because it’s all dealer-installed. The leasers of the car can save about €1000,- easily with this.

    Any more translation needed? 😉

  3. Comfort at a nice price
    Well, if this doesn’t do the trick:

    Buyers of a new SAAB 9-3 Sport sedan or a 9-3 Sport Estate in Linear or Intro Edition are able to choose now for an extra luxurious package.
    Until the end of this year they have the opportunity to fit the car at a reduced price with a number of comfort enhancing features like a Multimedia Receiver with inbuilt navigation system.

    The Intro Accessory Pack is meant for the Linear and Intro Edition spec. The latest is already equipped with a comprehensive set of accessories in addition to the rather complete equipment of the Linear. The extra costs for the Intro Edition is € 1.700 whereas the value of the package is more than € 4.500.

    The now for the Linear and Intro Edition spec offered Intro Accessory Pack has a value of € 3.125 and is being offered for € 1.995.

    The Intro Accessory Pack includes
    – Multimedia receiver including navigation system with 6,9-inch display. It has steering wheel controls as well as a separate remote controller and offers navigation for Europe, a CD/MP3 player and a DVD-player.
    – TMC-module: Traffic Message Channel for active route guidance
    – Bluetooth tel. module, arranged for the most common Bluetooth GSM-phones (GSM is what you normally would call a cell phone)
    – Vector steering wheel: firm wheel with ergonomic grip (a mix between the steering wheel from the Linear and that from the Vector)
    – matt chrome finishing strip on dashboard for an exclusive look
    – auto dimming interior mirror, which gives a better view in bright sunlight or annoying headlamps.

    The Intro Accessory Pack is not subdued to BPM (that ‘s a luxury tax we pay here, it is 45,6% and you pay also the 19% VAT). The value is also not included in the sum that a company car driver has to add to his income, because it is a dealer supplied package and built in by the dealer.

  4. I just received a brochure with Dutch prices and it is depressing to see how much taxes are on a new car. For example, a 2.0t Linear is 23,125 euro, sales tax/VAT is 4,394 and BPM is 8,870 which brings the total price of the car to 36,390 euro. Total taxes on a 6-speed Aero is almost 20,000 euro. So cars in Europe are not expensive but supporting your government is…

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