STCS track day

I could sit here and write 100 reasons why you should go and visit Trollhattan. Especially during the Saab Festival. There has rarely been a day gone by since June where I haven’t thought about something to do with my time there.

And from a Saab point of view, one of the undoubted highlights of visiting Trollhattan is the presence of the Saab Turbo Club of Sweden. I think it’s pretty fair to say that from a performance point of view, they are the heart and soul of the Saab brand. There wouldn’t be another place on earth that you could go and witness such a concentration of well maintained performance Saabs. If you go there and do see a somewhat modified Saab, there’s a fairly good chance that it’ll have a STCS sticker along the top of either the front or rear window.

STCS recently held a track day at Mantorp Park. It was a rainy day so unfortunately they probably didn’t as much out of their cars as they’d like to. But I’m sure it was still a great day for all who attended.

Jörgen T has sent me a link to a huge gallery of photos from the day. most are from similar positions so there’s not a great variety there in terms of photographic angles etc. But it’s a great way to check out just some of the vehicles of the Saab Turbo Club of Sweden.

Seriously, if you EVER get a chance to go there, make sure you do.

Here’s a few samples from the gallery. The photos were taken by Marcus Lindh and there’s around 600 of them at the link!!

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  1. Hi swade, hope things are well, Im back in the states now! (no more thailand).. what are the wheels on that red 9-5? I’ve seen them before, and they really are quite sporty.

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