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Another report of a road crash today, and another Saab survivor. Although this guy was foolishly not wearing a seat belt.

A head-on collision south of Manotick Friday night created a scene of carnage with one elderly woman and a dog dead, two people trapped for more than 30 minutes and a driver flung from his car.

That would be the Saab driver getting flung. The lady who passed away was an 87 year old woman in the back seat of the Crown Vic that was involved in the accident.

The Saab rolled off the road, ejecting the unbelted 52-year-old male drive through the driver’s side window. Paramedics say he suffered severe trauma and head-to-toe fractures because he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.

Always, always wear your seat belt. Please.


I’ve received a sad story via email this morning of a boneheaded Saab franchise shooting one of its best people in the foot. His enthusiasm for the brand was first class and his efforts on behalf of the brand have been totally shunned by his ‘superiors’ and I believe that Saab are going to continue to struggle in his area because of it.

I’ll save the story for later. Idiots.


I’m not sure what the Donor Rally is, but by the looks of things you can count me in!

Donor Rally Sonett


One of the contentious issues at the Saab Round Table discussion at SOC last month was the quality and breadth of the dealer network in the US. The dealers I’ve had communications with through this website all seem to have their act together, as near as I can tell, which is a good thing.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Saab were big enough to do this with those that refused to improve:

Basically, the German automaker (Audi) has told underperformers they either need to invest in their franchises to improve sales and customer satisfaction, or sell them back. According to Automotive News, Audi has already identified six specific dealers that fall into this unfavorable category, and is even in final buyback talks with two of them.

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  1. what sort of idiot doesn’t wear a seatbelt in a car! They are the primary restraining device and are installed by manufacturers for a reason! Sorry… no sympathy for people who don’t wear belts! A little harsh maybe, but everyone please use belts in your car!

  2. While I’m sure that this wasn’t the case in this crash, some people actually can’t wear a seatbelt because they have pins in their shoulder. My girlfriend’s dad can’t wear a seatbelt.

    This guy, however, was probably just being an idiot.

  3. Jeff: while I don’t know your girlfriend’s dad’s particular situation, it seems to me that he can at least wear the lap belt portion to keep himself in his seat during a crash and drape the shoulder part behind his body, right?

    I agree it’s just crazy that in this day and age some people don’t wear seat belts still. Is it really that inconvenient? As much as he dislikes seat belts, I’m sure this crash survivor (the one who was ejected through his window) is now wishing he had worn it.

  4. Seat belts are the law in most states (all?) these days anyway.

    I don’t see how the pins have anything to do with it, but everyone has their reason.

    As far back as I can remember, my father made all of us wear safety belts. My earliest recollection being about 1967 or 1968. I’ve never been in the front seat of a car without one on. Ever.

  5. Apparently, he can’t use the lap belt. He explained why once but I honestly don’t remember why. As for the pin, the seat belt causes crazy pain when it’s any tighter than really really loose. He carries notes around with him for when he gets pulled over, which is quite a lot.

  6. eggs: agreed. I’ve never been in a car and not worn a seat belt ever (front or back seat). Well, there have been a couple of times when I’ve been in a taxi or shuttle where I couldn’t find the seat belt, but that’s been very rare. My mom always made me wear my seat belt so it’s so ingrained in me I don’t even consciously have to think about using it. I just automatically put it on. Whenever I ride in one of those C900s with the mandated automatic seat belts it freaks me out because it doesn’t feel natural.

    I think in the U.S. Ralph Nader’s 1965 book Unsafe at Any Speed opened a lot of people’s eyes to the importance of the seat belt.

    I don’t know if I agree with seat belt laws though. Like the motorcycle helmet laws, I kind of think that if someone chooses to take the risk and take their life into their own hands maybe they should be allowed to. One thing I learned from A Clockwork Orange is when we lose our capacity to choose we cease to be human. 🙂

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