Swedish sales data – August 2007

Swedish sales data is in for August 2007 and as hinted at by ctm in comments, Saab better get that next 9-5 in play as soon as possible.

BioPower production in the 9-3 range has led to 9-5 sales tanking in a BIG way.

Saab Sweden sold 661 units of the Saab 9-3 in August, which was a rise of 28% on August last year. From Jan-Aug this year, Saab Sweden have moved 8160 units of the 9-3, which is an 11% rise from last year.

As mentioned, the Saab 9-5 has slipped from it’s traditional 2nd place in the Swedish market, down to 8th place based on the single month’s sales. Saab Sweden sold 539 units of the 9-5 in August, down a whopping 45% from last year’s figure. Year to date, sales of the 9-5 are now down by 24% at 7,251 for the year.


The Swedish market was up 3% over all in August and is up around 5% for the year.


The Cadillac BLS sold 7 units in August, and has moved 136 units for the year. Money well spent.


The Saab 9-5 still leads the environmentally friendly sales sector, year-to-date. It’ll possibly hold on to it’s #1 position for the year, but the Ford Focus Flexfuel sold the greatest number in Sweden in August. The numbers for August alone and the year to date for the top sellers are as follows:

Aug: 4021 vehicles, +35% this month, 17,4% (13,4%) of total market.
Jan-Aug: 31150, 15,9% (12,9%) of total market.

1: Saab 9-5
Aug: 486 vehicles, -42%
Jan-Aug: 6179, -11%
Market share this year: 20%

2: Ford Focus Flexifuel
Aug: 618 vehicles, -13%
Jan-Aug: 5072, +3%
Market share this year: 16%

3: Saab 9-3
Aug: 419 vehicles,
Jan-Aug: 3007
Market share this year: 10%

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  1. Swade,

    I remember your suggestion from some time ago about loading the 9-5 with all the goodies, maybe even lower the price a little and just try to sell the thing for 2 more years. I agree, and I think they have to do *something* and that sooner rather than later. The car I basically 10 years old. The development costs should have been paid for by now. They have to sacrifice margins and just get cars out on the road. It is a damn good car.

  2. ctm,

    here, again, we have the problem of 9-5 and 9-3 being too close to each other. Dumping 9-5’s might more or less cannibalize 9-3 sales.

    Also, what would you think if you just purchased a new ‘expensive’ 9-5.

    So, more goodies, maybe, but no extra price cuts. The big margins should give them (GM) room to play within.

  3. riku1100s,

    Car companies to that all the time. Remember the old 9-3, that got the “SE” line and spolier kit as standard the last two year in Sweden. Also, some weeks ago I saw that Audi would beef up the A4 before it’s replaced with the new model. It’s somethng the have to do when people are just waiting for the next model. If you are afraid that something “better” will arrive after you bought a new car, then you shouldn’t buy a new car at all. It happens all the time anyway.

  4. My point really was that you won’t be winning sales from Volvo, Audi or BMW but from 9-3, which isn’t very clever.

    Also in the cases of a loaded Audi A4 vs A6 or old 9-3 vs 9-5, they aren’t/weren’t so close to each other price- or dimensionwise.

    It’s true that it’s done all the time but it’s really a case of pissing in your pants (sorry for the expression) – you feel warm for a while but get wet and cold in the long run.

    Normally, such run-out versions are only sold for a month or three, not two years as it would be in the case of 9-5.

  5. I would enhance the 9-5 with the powered up version of the 1.9 TTiD [Fiat will use this with a slight upgrade to 185HP as well] … this is a machine that has always been missing on the 9-5, but they could push some more cars with it, even though the contenders use 2,7l or 2,5l for such an output…

  6. Or they can enhance worldwide 9⁵ sales by bringing the BioPower model already sold in Sweden, the U.K., and elsewhere over to the U.S. in Swade’s proposed “enhanced edition” trim for a couple of years. It would be the only BioPower model available in the States, and might boost 9⁵ sales a bit until the next-gen model arrives. I’m sure it wouldn’t sell like “gangbusters”, but I’m sure an increase would be inevitable and like Swade has mentioned before, because the model is so old, the development costs have already been paid-off, therefore every sale is pure profit for SAAB!

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