The biggest library of Saab scans I’ve ever seen

Saab enthusiasts, collectors, junkies and any other interested parties – heck, Saab themselves – should all take note. This is quite possibly the biggest compilation of Saab related magazine articles available in one place on the web.

Photobucket user Xerofusi has amassed 775 scanned pages of material. These include numerous magazine reviews, advertisements and other Saab related stuff dating back to the earliest days fo the car company. The most recent image I’ve seen so far (I haven’t had a chance to even come close to examining everything) had a 9-5 in it, but it seems to be predominantly older stuff.

There’s articles in various languages there, too. Most of the stuff is in English with Swedish coming in second, but there’s some French and other stuff as well. There’s even a full color version of the EV1 scans I showed yesterday!

This is an incredible resource, and Xerofusi, whoever you are, thankyou VERY much for your hard work in putting it together!

Here’s a few samples, but my advice is that you call the office, call the wife, call the kids and tell them all that you’ll be out of action for the next two or three days and the click through at the link above, and ENJOY.

Click the thumbs to enlarge.

85 Aero - France Saab EMS ad Saab EV1 Barber Saab

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  1. WOW, that must have taken ages, I know it took a while just doing those few I sent over the other day. Well done Xerofusi, I think that page is going in the favorites. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Absolutely brilliant.
    Well done.
    (I played myself with the idea digitalising all my saab-stuff, but nor do i have so much material nor the time to do it).

  3. I wonder how many man hours have been spent worldwide digitizing Saab media. Ryan at Saabhistory has spent a huge amount of time on videos and other stuff. I once got a vintage parts fiche, took 544 photos of my microfiche reader screen, manually edited each photo, and created an online html vintage Saab parts fiche. Now I’ve gotten an NOS set of the same fiche in much better condition, and may do it over again. Talk about time killers ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Johan: good eye! I’ve never seen such a thing. You’re right. It appears to be a Swedish Domestic Market-only Combi version of the C900! Now I see why they weren’t exported. It definitely would make it onto a list of the “ugliest cars ever”! Did you see any of these at the SAAB Festival in Sweden, Swade? In the museum, maybe?

  5. Heh, I tought I would have seen and known of every saab model by now, efter all there isn’t that many…, this secret, however, seems to have been buried though, rightly so :).
    My english isn’t the best, but I’m trying ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Great collection of stuff.

    The article comparing the Chevy Citation X11 to the Saab 900 Turbo is a bit of a laugh in hindsight, but it points out a difference between US car buyers and European car buyers — that Americans are willing to put up with a little lack of refinement if the performance and price are right. Interesting.

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