The next “Mr Saab” on video

Peter Backstrom has forgotten more about Saab in the last five minutes than I’ll ever know.

If you’re unfamiliar with the name, Peter is the curator of the Saab Museum in Trollhattan. He was also the organiser of the entire Saab Festival back in June. Given his responsibilities with that job, I didn’t get a whole lot of time with him but next time I’m there I’ll make sure it’s a quieter time so that I can have a chat. And if you ever manage a visit there yourselves then make sure you drop in and see him as he’s a great bloke and very, very knowledgeable about Saabs.

Peter was a guest presenter at the recent SOC in Detroit, and Ryan over at Saab History managed to catch his presentation on video. You may have to turn the volume up a little and process the accent as you go, but it’s an informative presentation on Saab’s past and the museum collection.

There’s also a surprise cameo from Mr Saab himself, who called Peter’s cell phone just as the presentation was starting. Maybe he meant to dial ‘Pizza’ but hit ‘Peter’ instead? Who knows? I wonder how many of the SOC people in attendance thought Peter was kidding when he said “Hello Erik!!”

Click through to watch the video. It goes for an hour but is well worth the effort.

Peter Backstrom

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