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I’m completely flummoxed by the growth in social networking sites. I have very little idea on how to use them or what they’re really, honestly good for.

Despite this, I signed up Trollhattan Saab a page on Facebook a few weeks ago and apparently I now have a profile, a bunch of friends and even a solar system that I don’t know what to do with (thanks Tim). On the bright side, whatever denotes the relationship between Saab Club chairman Al Aero and myself should now read that we hooked up and it was hot, baby!! he he.

If you’ve got a clue about how to use Facebook then please know that TS is on it, and if you feel so inclined then feel free to add TS as a friend. I’ll be friends with anyone.

I don’t even know how to link to a Facebook profile, but try this. I assume you’d need to have an account of your own and login to see it.

UPDATE: As mentioned in comments, there’s also a Trollhattan Saab group, which I guess can be used for interested parties to post a picture of their car, suggest topics for discussion here, etc etc. Hey, maybe this thing could be useful after all.

And if you can think of other Saab-based uses for Facebook that this site doesn’t already cover then please let me know.

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  1. What we need is a Facebook Group. It’s basically a little mini-forum were group members (other people on Facebook) can get together and talk. It’s also good to show your support for Saab! Make one, Swade, or e-mail me and tell me to!

  2. Rogan, I did start a Trollhattan Saab group, though I don’t really know what it should be used for. For me, it might be benefecial to get people’s ideas for topics to be covered here, but I guess it could be used for anything people want to communicate to other Saabers.

    But then again, I have email for people to send ideas and people generally communicate through forums like SC, which I think is better suited.

    I’m open to ideas, though.

  3. I don’t think it is really useful for much rather than Saab smalltalk. That being said, people use groups on facebook to show there interests and hobbies, and people joining the group will generate a bit of publicity for us I think.

  4. I have no Facebook, Myspace nor Xanga (whatever the heck that is. I’m with Swade — it’s of little use to me.

    A few musicians that I follow use MySpace for the originally intended purpose — to show their music skills and styles. That’s good AFAIK. That rest of it you can have.

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