Turbo X – official car of the Sith

UPDATED – Imperial March mix at the bottom.


This was Autoblog’s description of the Turbo X upon seeing it in the metal at the Frankfurt Motor Show:

Surprisingly, the few preview images we saw didn’t do this car justice. When seen live under the lights of Frankfurt’s Messe, the Turbo X looks like the Official Car of the Sith.

Kroum, a very keen Turbo X aspirant, took this description to heart and got to work. Here’s the results.

Great stuff!


The remixed version, including the Imperial March background music!

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  1. Nice one, wrong music though!

    Need to use Darth’s ‘Imperial March’. You all know the one..
    Daa daa daa da dadum da dadum.

    (Possibly one of the silliest phrases ever to be written on TS, besides SaabKen’s above of course).

  2. Amazing. Pure magic. Just had some creativity of my own…

    “It’s not from Tatooine, it’s from Sweden.”

    “Move your mind… with the force.”

    “60 Years of Jedi Mind Trick thinking.”

    “Born from Pod Racers.”

    “Before R2-D2 and C3-P0, there was EV-1.”

    “Turbo X. It sounds better than Death Star X.”

  3. I have to disagree with Autoblog.

    The Maybach Exelero is the official car of the Sith…

    …but I definitely agree with Turbin that the Imperial March should have been used. I mean, come on. That should have been obvious :p

    BMW drone 1: Until this battle station is fully operational, we are vulnerable. The Rebel Alliance is too well equipped, they’re more dangerous than you realize.

    BMW drone 2: Dangerous to your starfleet, Commander; not to this battle station.


    That’s no Audi, it’s a Saab! [moon, space station…this one is a stretch]

    The Turbo is what gives a Saab his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.

    Hokey HEMIs and ancient pushrods are no match for a good turbocharger at your side, kid. [I don’t like this one, but maybe some of you guys will]

    Gothenburg: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious. [Think the other Swede]

    So, in short…I sense something, a presence I have not felt since…the 80s :p

    Man, I’m a nerd, I came up with those mostly off the top of my head…

  4. “You do not know the power of the darkside”

    This fits so well as each is icon is having its 30 year anniversary!
    And yeah that music, it has to be Darth Vaders theme the Imperial March please.

  5. The Maybach maybe vadar’s official ride, but I think the Turbo X is more suited for Anakin when he turned dark, a bit more youthful, and pure energetic.

  6. Yep – throw in The Imperial March and a quote from Vader in Return of the Jedi: “The Emperor had been expecting you.”

    At any rate – that is a great piece of work – and it shows how enthusiastic people are about this model. Nice job!

  7. Damn, you guys are right – I should’ve used the Imperial March. I didn’t really put too much thought or effort into this (call it a quicky), so whatever googling “Star Wars Theme” turned I threw in there.

    I must say, though – the Turbo X and Darth Vader’s mask were very easy to morph – shockingly, there were a lot of common elements!

  8. So all we need to do now is take a pciture of a guy in a Darth Vader suit getting in (or out) of a Turbo X.

    Photoshop is easier, but less satisfying.

    I wonder if Saab could hire the actor who played the Emperor as a spokesperson — or would that be too subtle for most consumers?

  9. A funny commercial (but one that will never happen) would be this:

    Emperor Palpatine sits in his chair facing space. He is babbling on about the dark side and whatnot. He turns in his chair, as all menacing overlords do, and notices that Darth Vader is not behind him. He is annoyed. Cut to shots of Vader flying down a Coruscant highway in a Turbo X, and then have a graphic saying Saab is the official car of the Sith.

  10. you must …feel the XWD around you…between you, me the road everywhere…even between the rocks and the gravel………….

    Yoda – remove the BLS caddie you must…an abomination it is..

    GM – You want the impossible!

    Yoda – that is why you fail…..

  11. Now that’s it!
    I’ve ordered mine this morning (although the dealer reckons the book isn’t open yet!) purely on the strength of this video…….ok well maybe not just that.

  12. I love the video, especially with the new music.

    I recall another vehicle being marketed as a Sith-mobile: the MY 1995 Chevrolet Impala SS. Of course, that makes it a GM car.

    I’m not sure, but I think the car was available only in North America. See GM’s print media ad at http://flamin.indweb.hu/95ss/Vader.jpeg.

    If GM has marketed a vehicle this way before, there’s hope for it again.

  13. Hey Swade,
    Can you ask Kroum to make his excellent video available as a downloadable file (or better yet a screensaver) which is accessible on the Trollhattan blog site…….PLEASE!

  14. Hey Ian – I am flattered! 😀

    I can definitely send Swade a downloadable .mov or .avi if he is willng to host it (it’s around 2 megs optimized for web). And I will also look into the possibility of exporting the file as a screen-saver.

  15. Great job.

    Hopefully the performance ot the TURBOX is really top shelf, the press gives it a good coverage, and the beamer-clans get punished soon.
    First thing looks to be OK, second thing isn’t that sure and the thirth thing is neccessary in the press as much as it is on the open road.
    Ignorance from the press will otherwise open the door for laughing from the beamer-clans with the duckvader.

  16. Hi Kroum,
    Can you even morph it further into a 9X-shaped-2-door-4-seater-pick-up-sportscoupé ?
    (while keeping all the xwd-turbofeatures).

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