Turbo X products

I haven’t seen them at Elkparts yet, but Saab Expressions are offering a selection of Turbo X inspired products.

There’s a set of leather driving gloves, a car mug for your bevvies and a Turbo X pen for writing nasty letters to your insurance company.

Turbo X capThe one that made me chuckle a little was the Turbo X cap. On closer inspection, you can tell that it’s made from a breathable material as described in the blurb.

At first glance, though, I thought it was leather and it immediately looked like something one might wear on a night out at the Blue Oyster.

Click here to check out the as-yet still small Turbo X range of gear.

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  1. …”and a Turbo X pen for writing nasty letters to your insurance company.”

    Caught me off guard- I had to laugh. Funny stuff…

    …but not. 🙁

    Keep at ’em. I’m convinced you’ll get your money sooner or later.

  2. What do people really think about these Turbo X products? Actually I hate them. Somehow they make the whole Turbo X cheaper. I don´t know, but this is how I feel. I imagine myself driving Saab (not turbo-x) that cap on, wearing those gloves, drinking Turbo X coffee with that pen in my pocket. And feel great. Feel like Turbo X:ed. Holy Blue Oyster!

  3. I am not particularly crazy about the Turbo X line, although in general I like Saab merch. I agree with MarkoA, this line looks somewhat cheap, the coffee mug is the mest of the four.

    One of my daily favourites is the black Aero X t-shirt I got last year.

  4. i’d be more alarmed if there weren’t turbo-x products. saab should be proud of its new model. license tasteful accessories to go with it.

    if i buy a turbo-x, i’d like a turbo-x pen. can’t say i’d have a use for the other offerings–i don’t drink coffee, i don’t wear hats, and i wouldn’t need leather driving gloves on a leather steering wheel. that’s not to say those things shouldn’t be offered…just not any item of the turbo-x wheel design.

  5. IF I had a Turbo X I’d probably be a little sheepish about having the coffee mug and gloves and hat…maybe a little embarrassed about going a little nuts with this Turbo X thing….but I’d love it anyway!!! 🙂
    I’ve always thought those toys were for those of us who are ‘wannabes’, anyway; e.g. I used to be really proud of my BMW coffee mug – because I always hoped to get one someday…THEN I test-drove that ’05 9-3….(i think I still have the BMW coffee mug around here somewhere….)

  6. For example model car, Turbo X would´ve been nice. And something, like Saab Black turbo heritage -photobook. Few nice professional shots of all three black turbo models. Then detailed information from all of them and so on. This, I think could´ve been very nice and highly appreciated by Saab enthusiasts, to whom these products are ment for.

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