UK news: Saab’s Grand Environmental Designs

The is Kevin McCloud. Architect, environmentalist and law-breaking driver of an unregistered car.

Saab BioPower McCloud

Following is a press release from Saab GB:


Eco living has been the hot topic of 2007. But what does it actually mean and who’s doing it?

Kevin McCloud, architect-turned-environmentalist and presenter of Channel Four’s ‘Grand Designs’ programme knows only too well the meaning of eco living. In his latest interview, Kevin explains why:

* He has just installed a biomass boiler to heat his home and farm
* He is considering adding solar panels and wind turbines next
* His family grows a lot of their own food and shops at the local farmers market
* He drives a Saab BioPower car that runs on bioethanol E85 fuel

“The important thing for me is to put my money where my mouth is and part of this involves me trying out different technologies to see how easy and flexible they are,” explains Kevin.

The full interview with Kevin McCloud can be read on This is the second of “The BioPower Interviews’, the first being with Sir Richard Branson, another high-profile Saab BioPower driver.


Just gotta say, Saab GB have done a great job with that BioPower website. It presents really well. I just wonder if it’s picking up search traffic for people searching for “alternative fuels” and search terms such as that. I hope so, as it deserves to be seen.

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  1. Don’t worry – the site is search engine optimised. A UK Google search of many bioethanol-related words will get it on the first page.

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