Update on the Saab ad agency situation

Following the story about Saab USA changing ad companies that I published before nodding off last night, a little more info has come to light.

The change is indeed happening, but one thing that wasn’t mentioned in the Detroit Free Press story is that both Lowe and McCann (the old company and the new company) are owned by the same parent company – Interpublic Group, or IPG.

Saab USA have characterised the move as a basic realignment, with the advantage that McCann’s office is very close by Saab’s own so perhaps communication will be easier.

Saab USA also stated that there’s no intention to change the direction of current advertising as they’re very happy with the recognition that BFJ receives.

You are now up to date.

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  1. I think the first order of business has to be getting out the word about XWD. Volvo keeps putting me to sleep singing a childrens’ song about the wheels of the XC70 going around, and Subaru tells me they have deer roaming around their US assembly facility. Get the people paying attention to those commercials to consider XWD 9-3s and Saab should win over a lot of new customers.

  2. Better than the Dutch ad campaign. For sure.

    Born from Jets. I like the concept, but I wish that the message were a little more focused, as mentioned above.

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