Viggen update

Things are still very much up in the air with the Viggen. For those of you that are new to this site, I own a 1999 Saab 9-3 Viggen, which I crashed during a driver training event back in July.

A letter will be going to my insurer this week requesting an appeal of their decision to deny coverage of the car. That letter will go into great detail about why their letter to me informing me of their decision was in error.

While all thats happening, though, I emailed a Saab parts shop in Melbourne.

Let me say this up front – the Viggen will be fixed. I believe that it should be covered under the terms of my insurance policy, but failing that, I’ll have to extend the mortgage and cover the cost myself.

So, the email to the parts shop was sent so that I could get an idea for myself what the parts I know will have to be replaced will cost. This is from a Saab dealer, Lance Dixon Saab, so they’re all genuine parts. I get a discount from them for being a member of the Saab Car Club of Australia, which will help, but it’s still going to be a costly exercise.


Front spoiler – part of front bar. List price $1,340.00 disc price $111.55 (obviously, there’s a figure missing here, I’d guess it’s $1,110.55)

Front fog lamps- list price $280.00 ea disc price $233.10 ea

Rear spoiler – please provide more info boot spoiler (I must have written spoiler instead of rear bumper – oops)

Rear axle- list price $1,680.00 disc price $1,398.60

Front wheel bearings- list price $91.50 ea disc price $76.18 ea

Rear wheel bearings are part of the hub. List price $685.00 ea disc price $570.27 ea

Six spoke wheels list price $465.00 ea disc price $387.12 ea. (I based this quote request on the six spoke Aero wheels on the 02 Aero)


Working on the discount prices, assuming the rear bumper will be around the same price as the front, and including four wheels and two foglamps, that’s just over $6,200 worth of parts.

Of course, though, there are options. There’s nothing special about a Viggen rear axle, so a good condition second-hand one will do the job much cheaper and should be readily available. I’ll also look around some third-party suppliers for genuine Saab gear and my site supporter, Elkparts, will be the first port of call.

In addition to the parts, there’s also the labour to put it all together again and most importantly, the jig-work that’s going to be needed to straighten out the slight buckle in the rear-end.


Better get to tidying up the fine points of that letter, then….

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  1. You will sign the letter with “Swade, CEO TrollhattanSaab”, and mention that when you talked to your very close friends “på taket” and JAJ they said the car must be restored, right?

  2. When I cracked my front spoiler I was quoted about 850 AUD for a new (unpainted one) when imported directly from Sweden (including shipping and profit for the guy). The full set – front, back, sideskirts & mounting accessories was somewhere around 2000 AUD.

  3. Do as you like, but there may be room for some modding at or near the same price using aftermarket gear. Something to consider anyway.

  4. Looking forward to eventually viewing move fantastic photos of that fantastic Viggen! And, as eggsngrits said: use this as an opportunity to upgrade where you can!

  5. I assume this was a drivers training event, as you had posted, which was designed to make you a safer driver on the road, thus reducing your chances of collisions in the future

  6. Correct, Doug. And equally ironic.

    Rear bumper price came in today – $1100. And those prices I quoted above are all ex-GST, which basically means that I’d have to add 10% tax on each of them.

    Ay carumba!

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