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We’ve had around 10 consecutive posts here about the Turbo X, and whilst I could look around the car all day, there’s other Saab stuff to get to as well, like this:


I’d be interested to get your thoughts on something I heard a few weeks ago. This is still in the realm of the rumourfile as I’m hearing it third-hand, but it’s from a credible source and appears to be something that could feasibly be done.

Saab badge

What would you say if there we no Saab badge in this picture?

The rumour is that the Saab badge may be removed from the hood of the car. I’m not sure of the time frame, but the theory is that the badge already features on the back of the car. Plus, on the 9-3 at least, the name of the company is featured on the grille. So why have it on the hood as well?

It’s an interesting proposition.


Some other model news that’s just floated in overnight:

The 9-3 Aero 1.9 TTiD – if you place an order today – you will get it at earliest week 1 2008.

The 1.9 TTiD engine will be available for the 9-5 as well, eventually. Saab is having a problem getting the engine to work with the automatic transmission. Therefore it’s delayed.

Next year the 9-3x (9-3 crossover) will have the 1.9 TTiD engine with XWD as an option. (therefore probably the usual 9-3 as well)

An Aero version of the Biopower 9-3 will not make it until MY09, and this will probably use the “old” MY04 Aero engine, 210hp 2.0T – converted to biopower).


Danni letterJon shot me an email from the UK:

My Saab UK magazine just popped through the letter box this morning and it features a letter from a gentleman called Daniel Haakuria. Drives a blue 9-5 Aero Saloon. Lives in Namibia. Sound familiar?

Familiar indeed! Congrats Danni – you’re a published author. And here’s the proof….you can click it to make it bigger.


I’m beginning to worry about the guys at Autoblog.

Don’t call this a Sport Combi though, as the BLS gets it own sheetmetal, and the wagon unveiled in Frankfurt wore it well.

That BLS wagon is an abomination. As a matter of fact, that should have been the name for it. The Cadillac abomination.


Thankfully, they make up for this with a great Turbo X gallery.

In case you missed my last link to it, click here to check it out. There’s some great interior shots there, which the press photos didn’t really cover particularly well.

I guess that’s another post about the Turbo X, then…..

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  1. Taking the badge off the hood, and the back of the car for that matter, will just save Saab owners money and the company shame and embarrassment. Those flimsily pieces of shit keep peeling off. I got tired replacing mine.

  2. Interesting idea. But is it like a chest with no nipple 😉

    The SAAB badge is not well known – how many people in the street could tell you even what it is, compared with the Merc star, BMW blue &white and the Audi rings.

    Concentrating on the Saab name as the ‘badge’ might be more effective as it is obviously self-identifying (after all Coca Cola don’t have a separate badge).

    Hmm, interested to see what happens.

    I think Saab have brought this on themselves through so many changes of the badge – those most recognisable with the public are naturally those that have changed the least – Merc, RR, Ford. Unless Saab is prepared to really up the marketing and gain awareness of teh badge over many many years, this might be a more novel (and innovative?) approach.

  3. Just thinking (again). Didn’t the Aero-x actually remove the Saab name from the grille for the first time in Saab history?

    Hmm conflicting directions…..think I’d rather lose the badge than the name.

  4. I´m a bit worried about reading that they have NOW problems with TTiD auto. These problems should´ve been solved BEFORE the car is presented to the customers. Even though the brochure tells us that TTiD will come later during the model year, I still cannot believe that they really are struggling with some problems to make it work with automatic transmission. But this, I guess, we will see and hear more later.

    TTiD XWD model is very good news, at least from European point of view. Hopefully the price would be reasonable so that I can compete with other marks on the same class.

    About the badge. Hard to say really, but if I only think of it quickly, I´d say get rid of it. It´s not really needed. It´s there only to make waxing more difficult 😉

  5. Thanks for including the picture with the question, because my knee-jerk was to say “hell, no!” to losing the badge.

    But then looking at the word “Saab” inset on the grille, and it does make me wonder…

  6. Actually I like the badges. They are distinctive and classy and stand out nicely without being too flashy. I just wish they lasted longer than a few years.

  7. Another thought…I’ve always wondered why Saab dilutes it’s brand by badging everything SAAB, yet writing about Saab. Get it? The difference in case makes it look inconsistent. BMW never becomes Bmw does it? 😉

  8. I’m for removing it. The 99 hood looked smooth without one. And they’ve done this before; they dropped the hood badge from the 96 in 1963. Plus, it looks like a wart after aging a few years.

  9. I agree that removing the badge from the hood would not be a bad move. Given that most of us probably hang on to their Saabs for more than one or two years, and it is apparently beyond the capability of Saab to make a badge that lasts longer than that. Either make it right, or dump it. And as was noted – there is already the SAAB marque inset on the grill.

  10. about the badge:

    i m very undecided. maybe they should offer the car without badge as an opion?

    a cool thing would be to have the option to order the car without the 9-3 sign and engine sign on the back.

    for the Trubo X they could change the blue on the badge into black… 🙂

  11. My suggestion would be to take the badge of the hood and incorporate the griffin in the grill for a cleaner and powerful look. Similar to Holden and Vauxhall cars.

  12. I like the Saab badge, as No. 9 said it’s classy and not too flashy. I’d keep it.

    Also agree about the peeling after a couple of years, but this is a problem with other brands that have a printed badge, BMW included.

  13. : 0
    Hmmm, have to say that precisely is one reason to ditch the badge – I have always had a concern over the griffin badge – the similarity with the Vauxhall badge. I know it is an historic emblem of Scania etc etc, but it looks to all the world like a GM badge pinched from Vauxhall (and Holden).

    The full frontal aircraft logo used up to the early 70s could not have been mistaken for anything else. I think the new Aero has interpreted the wings in its —-__—- grill, but I would like to see the SAAB name added too.

    The current badge is a modern icon, no great heritage at stake here, let it go?

  14. I like the SAAB badge, but it may be confusing to delete it. Only the 9-3’s have SAAB on the “airplane” in the grill. The 9-5 and 9-7x (along with the 9-2x) all are SAABless on their grill.

  15. I disagree. They should never take away the badge.

    Yes it is double, to have the name on the grill as well, which can only be read if standing close to the car.

    So how about this option:
    Why doesn’t the grill loose the SAAB name. It’s distinctive enough and makes the grill look smooth and tight.

    A 1977 SAAB TURBO doesn’t have an hood ornament, as far as I Googled. which does look nice, but I like today’s grills better.

  16. I would absolutely flip a bitch if I bought a Saab without a badge on the front. It’s such a nice looking one. The fire-breathing griffen, I’d miss it so much… I couldn’t believe they’d take it off rather than come up wit a way to make them last longer…

    cost cutting?

  17. I like the badge a lot, too. The “SAAB” written into the grille is way too small and wouldn’t attract enough attention to warrant it being on it’s own on the front of the car.

    I commented on the BLS on Autoblog, and the two responses were that “American cars are crappy bild” and that apparently, Volkswagens are expensive to buy and the BLS is reliable. I don’t know why I bother commenting on Autoblog.

  18. Actually, I just noticed that some posters on Autoblog said this:

    “It would probably outsell the Sport Combi here.”
    “Yeah, I’ve been wondering why they don’t sell this in the states.”


  19. Here’s an idea, why doesn’t Saab improve the quality of the SAAB Badges?

    Sure, it’s simple to take the easy way out and just remove it, but why can’t they take the respectable high road and improve the quality ensuring that the emblems don’t flake off in a year’s time like many are experiening and leave them where they are?

    Us Saab Enthusiasts are tired of GM removing items from the car to save a penny here, a penny there.

    Removing the Saab Badge is a bad idea and I hope this idea did not come from Saab or GM.

  20. IMHO, they need to keep the badge.

    It would be neat to use maybe an alternate color badge like the one with the Swede Flag in the background, or maybe a grey-scaled emblem for the Turbo X to tie in with the black scheme.

  21. I can understand that they do have problem adjusting the TTiD to the auto-gearbox. I have a 2007 1,9 TiD 9-5 and it surely does not work well together with the old 5 gear auto. Completely different compared to the 6-gear in the 9-3 which is A LOT more civil and smooth.
    This is the one thing that I find most annoying about the car, since Volvo has gotten their 5-gear auto (which is exacly the same as Saab uses) -to work MUCH nicer…. I´m sorry but it´s a fact….
    This is my 3rd 9-5 and I have had Aeros and others before, both 900´s, 9000`s and 9-5´s but it sure does show that the 9-5 is a 10 year old construction… But hey! That´s a completely different discussion….

    Daniel from Sweden

  22. I have a 1996 Saab 900 and I smile every time I see the old Saab-Scania badge in the steering wheel. I’d hate to see the badge removed from the hood; it’s really classy.

    And about the SAAB vs Saab issue I think we should read what wikipedia has to say: it’s a proper name, not an acronym anymore.

    “While Saab is in fact an acronym and, as with many other manufacturers, the word “SAAB” appears in all-capitals within the corporate emblem and in on-vehicle badging, the current correct capitalization of Saab when in print is “Saab,” and not “SAAB.” Other manufacturers such as Volvo, Toyota, Lexus, Acura, and Chevrolet all employ the use of all-capitalized vehicle badging, but this does not change the fact that these brands are proper names and should be capitalized as such when written. Likewise, Saab is treated as a proper name and not an acronym, despite its origins.”

  23. Keeping the badge or not? I like the badge, but I favor one without the enamel so that it looks better longer — all-chrome or cast aluminum, etc.

    The 900 looks good with and without — the badge wasn’t on the hood until ’83 IIRC.

    Other European brands (Audi, Volvo, M-B) feature a more prominent logo identifier in the grille. BMW and Saab use the hood badges. I can live with it either way, just make it more durab;e.

  24. I like the badge as it is and want it to stay. I did chat to a Saab chap a year or so ago who told me that the wording on the grill was going to go but it re-appeared on the new 9-3, The bonnet and rear badge should stay.

  25. I am surprised by the amount of comments on a little detail like the badge. Make the whole damn car more reliable while they are at it! Just when things are looking up, reliability is down. On a side-note, my Saab Saturn dealer tells me he has electrical problems with the new Vue, made in Mexico, because the wiring harness are not placed properly. Just what Saab needs, a 9-4x with electrical bugs. Hopefully they will have ironed them out by that time…seems I’ve heard that tune before.

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