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Maybe someone out there can tell me what the freaking point was with this quick news article at The Truth About Cars.

After introducing a relative handful of Americans to the dubious joys of the Trailblazer-based, TTAC TWAT-winning (Ten Worst Automobiles Today) 9-7x, Saab has decided to try to reach its magical 200k sales per year goal by building another SUV.

Click through and read the rest. It’s not worth reproducing.

TTAC seems to be more about its witty writing style than it is about ‘the truth’. For example, they ignore recent news that 200,000 isn’t a necessary target, they ignore that fact that the 9-4x has been built as a Saab from the ground up (unlike the 9-7x) and they show the test-mule photo without any notation that it’s going to bare no resemblance to final product, leaving commenters there to rag on about Saab in their usual armchair-quaterback style.

So what’s the point? News? Hardly.


How do car companies come up with ad campaigns? And are ad campaigns getting too tricky?

The ones who seem to do it well have a consistent theme and a recognised, long-term byline. Others change and try to find something that resonates and maybe then they’ll stick with it for a while.

Ovlov seem to be getting into some very left-field stuff lately. There’s the whole “Tell us what you think” campaign for the C30 where they invite you to tell them if the car makes you feel like throwing up, and now their ad agency in the US has decided to look into Volvo owners using the thoughts and opinions of parking attendants and valets.

I’d think will millions of dollars of ad expenditure and ven more in car sales on the line that this would be a fairly tricky path to navigate.

I hope Saab are standing on some more solid ground.

Be consistent, and most of all, make a really good product that’ll advertise itself.


As mentioned recently, Autoblog Green have had quite a few anti-ethanol pieces up lately. One would be almost be forgiven for thinking that ethanol is the root of all environmental evil.

Interesting how that can change when a company like Mercedes offers them a drive in an E85 vehicle. There’s not a negative word to be seen. Phrases like “state of the art technology…..a real pleasure……I wish I’d gone back for extra laps” are included. Even the mileage of 25mpg highway isn’t derided.

They don’t even raise an eyebrow when the manual tells them not to switch between E85 and regular gasoline too often as it’ll mess with the car’s computer.

I assume their review of Saab’s BioPower vehicles will therefore be positively glowing when they finally arrive.

Thanks Gripen for the link.

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  1. Those “ride and drive” events can be very persuasive. I would hope SAAB USA adds Autoblog (or cousin ABG) to the list of invitees.

  2. You are raising again the key element for success when a well founded and consistent marketing message/campaign is created and rolled out. Making it happening is one aspect, ensuring that it is delivered and rolled out consistently around the globe is another. Again and again, see Audi & Volvo to compare our own. I saw the movie clips on the Frankfurt show and I was pleasantly impressed by the slickness of these. The ability is there not the action and plan to execute. I hope that Saab embarks on to use this promotion around the globe.

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