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I mentioned last night that whilst the Moraine, Ohio, plant that produces the 9-7x isn’t a UAW site, there’s a chance it’s going to be hit by the UAW strike regardless.

It seems that’s an imminent possibility:

If it continues, the impact of the national United Auto Workers strike against General Motors could be felt as soon as today at the GM assembly plant in Moraine, a labor leader said Monday.

Willie Thorpe, the Moraine-based chairman of the International Union of Electronic Workers-Communication Workers of America automotive conference board, said the GM assembly plant in Moraine could feel an inventory pinch that soon. The local plant has 2,300 IUE-CWA members, but UAW-represented plants supply the plant with crucial components.

UPDATE: Workers at Moraine have just been told not to come in. Thanks Ryan.


Another follow-up item…..

Yesterday’s SOTW was a brilliant looking Saab 95 that had been converted into a utility vehicle.

The Flickr album from whence that image came has had a number of new images added to it and is well worth another click-through.

Saab 850 Gran Tourismo


I’m interested over all in the greening of the motor industry. It’s inevitable, so we all have to deal with it, hence some initial thoughts today about the subject below.

What gets me cranky about the Green side of the automotive blogosphere is when you get stupid articles like this one from Autoblog Green poking up. They’re covering the Citroen C-Cactus concept from the point of view that offering the cars with no paint on the doors is actually a weight-saving and efficiency-enducing exercise.

It’s an exercise in being different, and ABG just got sucked right in.


There’s a lack of Saab news around at the moment. I guess it’ll stay reasonably quiet until the magazines get their 9-3s to test.

I’m also busy on another website project, which I hope to be able to share with you in the next few months. Yes, it’s about Saab but it’ll be quite different to this site and I hope it’ll prove to be a great resource and tribute site for the brand. Stay tuned.

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  1. I have to agree with you on that Citroen thing. That just seems stupid. Not offering the car without paint, a la the Delorean DMC-12 (which to their credit didn’t pretend that they didn’t add paint to save weight in that overweight monstrosity of a stainless-steel-clad car).

    How much weight does paint really add? I know on large aircraft and spacecraft it does. Did you know that the reason the Space Shuttle used to have a white main fuel tank in the early years and now has an orangish-one is because they figured out how much weight the paint added and decided to do without it? In that application each pound of weight adds something like hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cost of a mission.

    However, a little Citroen is not the Space Shuttle. But unpainted cars do look kinda cool as they’re different. I guess until someone sues you for blinding them with a reflection, causing them to crash. 🙁

  2. citroen pur sang. 😉

    grip – i think i heard somewhere paint on an average commercial adds 300-600 pounds.

    i was wondering the other day if american airlines had that in mind when they left their planes all shiny and nakey.

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