Winding Road drive the 2008 Saab 9-3

Thanks to Alex for letting us know about this one!


Winding RoadWinding Road are the latest magazine to publish their thoughts on the 2008 Saab 9-3. This is the cover for the November 07 issue.

If you’ve not seen it before, Winding Road produce a downloadable magazine. As such, I can’t cut and paste quotes from it for you, but I’ll give you their final words about the 2008 Saab 9-3 as a taster.

More power, truly slick design, XWD and attractive pricing make this new 9-3 the most competitive Saab ever. Now if only they’d bring back a coupe!

Amen to that!

It’s a great read and if anyone’s tossing up about whether XWD is worth the wait or the expense, this article might help you decide.

You’ll need to register for access to the magazine, but it’s completely free and I can testify to the fact that I’ve never had any unwelcome email from them, only a notification that a new issue is available when appropriate.

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  1. The comment “if only they’d bring back a coupe” is as valid and necessary as it is sickening and infuriating from the lack of entrepreneurial flair point of view. I just flew back to Sydney from being interstate in Melbourne and surroundings. It is sickening to see in the Airport, main streets and across the CBD the new BMW billboards/posters on their 3’s range. The image and presentation of this range is a carbon copy of the old 9-3 hatch era that Saab ran circa 01 combining the then 9-3 hatch range and the 9-5. This is another one of my biggest gripes of not seeing a coupe when a cabrio mould exists and is ready for migration on to a 9-3 coupe. Even our own Holden has delivered a coupe so successfully with the Monaro. I should not have read this entry as it will now ruin my long weekend in frustration !!!

  2. The problem with having a coupe lies in project prioritization more than anything else.
    Simply put, Saab needs a sedan, and combi and a soft top to comparable, compatible (!) and able to compete with the Germans.
    Having a coupe wouldn’t be a “need”, but a “good to have” be “extra”, and in proper project management, you only ever deal with needs.
    Once the needs are dealt with, the good to have become more important.
    So the question is: what’s Saab’s next need? Well, in the 9-3 range a coupe, yes. But for Saab in all?…
    …a 9-4x
    …a new 9-5
    …a 9-1/2
    …a real 9-7
    Once those are out, they can start playing with the “wants”/”good to have”, e.g coupes.

  3. On the basis that the coupe was a long standing trademark of Saab and on the basis that one of it’s main competitors aka BMW having one that sells mountains of, the coupe is a must. Your outline is logical and sensible however on the basis that the 2 door body is aobut 70% there the economic business case is a no brainer. So, the focus is to offer variety and choice even with the limited line up at hand.

  4. TrakDah: For me, a coupe is definitely an extra, as I’ve always been a 4-door kind of guy. However, coupes sell like crazy in this market, and it makes no sense for Saab not to have one.

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