2008 Saab 9-3 offers?

SaabUSA’s website still list no offers on 2007 Saabs, let alone 2008, though it’s understood that there will be $2,500 on the hood from the get-go.

Nevitz has done some digging and spotted this over at one of those vehicle priving and info site, Nada Guides. Here’s a screenshot directly from the website:

Saab 9-3 offer

Now, this is one of two things – either it’s a misprint and Nada need to clean up their procedures, or they’ve got an inside word and released a bigger than expected bit of news.

I’m guessing it’s the former and I’m quite sure a Saab dealer couldn’t be held to it if it’s a mistake, but you never know until you try.


Thanks Nevitz!

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  1. my dealer’s ’07’s (for the 9-3) are $5.5k off.

    with $1k “loyalty” money on the table, as well, i’ll probably be in a new ’07 aero by the end of the week. hopefully, it’ll just be a “stop-gap” saab till the next-gen saab arrives.

  2. Pretty unreal, I’d like to see if any dealer is willing to accept this.

    If only I was ready to buy this month, I would… But I’m having to wait a few months.

    My wife’s been all talk of getting a 9-3 Vert for months, and now has been asking about a MY07 9-5 instead. No doubt, the 9-5 is cheaper, but not sure now if we should go for the gusto and the fun, or the practical. 🙂

  3. right, joemama. the 2.0’s are $4k off. seems like they should all be $5.5k off. maybe it’ll happen by the end of the year. all I know is that it doesn’t make sense for me to even look at a 2.0t, with the extra $1,500 off on an aero.

  4. saab9x, saabdg has better pricing (7K and 9k off 2.0T and Aero resp). Of course that includes owner loyalty. I am in no way related to saabdg.com other than having taken delivery of CPO 04′ 9-5 Arc Wagon.

    Loyalty money to 94 & newer is news.

  5. dont forget saab is under the GM umbrella… check with your employer for additional discount. GM shares employee discount with its business associates (my compny does!) 🙂

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