60th Anniversary revisited

The Ancaster News, and a few other syndicated papers, are running a story on Saab’s 60th Anniversary.

Good to hear it in the news again. It was a big buildup prior to June but has faded since and we’re still in that 60th Anniversary year. There’s a whole bunch of people driving around in Anniversary model Saab 9-3s and 9-5s and they’re probably grinning from ear to ear at the value they got.

I was fortunate enough to receive a 60th Anni present myself, an Ice Blue metallic color sample (frog), which I probably should have photographed by now. It looks great sitting on the window ledge with my other frogs.

If you’re feeling nostalgic about Saab’s 60th Anniversary this weekend, here’s a few links:

And with regards to the Saab Festival, which celebrated Saab’s 60th in grand style:

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  1. re: the picture of the frogs on your window sill, why would you ever want to move from where you live? That view looks like paradise! I’ve never been to Hobart or even Australia at all, but it sure looks beautiful.

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