A bit of Saab history being brought back to life….

This is one of those feel-good stories. Peter W, in Sweden, is doing one of those jobs that’s an important part of keeping Saab’s heritage alive. One of those jobs that all Saab enthusiasts would like to do, deep down.

The job?

Getting an ultra-rare Saab and bringing it back from the dead. Click any of these pics to enlarge.


The long story starts here at SaabCentral.

The short story: Peter has picked up one of the very rare pearl white prototype 900 Aeros.

There were a small number of these made in 1984, a year before the 900 Aero officially debuted. This is the same pearl white that was used on the 99 Turbo prototype that featured at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1977. This was the first use of the 16 valve engine and featured a red interior.

There’s more info about these prototypes and the SPG/Aero 900 here.

Peter heard about the car and bought it straight away. He wrote the following to me over the weekend:

As soon as I saw the pearl for sale I decided to buy it. I just new that I had to own it 🙂 I bought it unseen, thought I did get some pictures, but they didn’t frighten me.

The car was not in traffic (registered) when I went to take her home. Last time it was on the road was 2000. Unfortunately it has been stored outside since then, so the rust has taken hard on the car. But when I came home with the car I started it up and I was impressed with the sound of the engine.

I took a little test run and it went really well, especially as the car has 360,000 kilometers on the clock.

My goal with this project is restore it to as near to mint condition as I can. Even better, I hope. My first goal is to fix up the body and paint it, hopefully by summer 2008. The main goal is to have the car done for the SAAB Festival 2009. I’m gonna try but it’s a question about money. And it’s beginning to be hard to find new original parts now.

Peter’s already started work on the project. There’s a long way to go, but 2009’s still a long way away.

I hope it gets done on time. I’ll be keeping in touch with Peter from time to time to see how things are going.

900 Aero

900 Aero

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  1. I love to see the Saab heritage being kept alive like this. On that subject, here’s a rare 77 Saab I wish someone with the time and ability would rescue. I would but it’s beyond my capabilities and resources. He has it listed on Swade’s favorite Saab forum (saabnet_dot_com) for $2000. Kind of high for its rough shape, but maybe more than worth it considering its rarity.
    Here’s a quote from the link:
    “In early 1977, Saab built 100 99 models with a turbocharged engine for evaluation purposes. All were in EMS trim, in both 2-door and 3-door body styles. Of the 100 “pre-production Test Cars” as they are now known, 37 were sent to the United States and placed in the hands of company execs, magazine writers, and loyal Saab customers known to drive a lot of miles in a short time.
    Only four of those 37 pre-production 99 Turbos are known to exist today. One has been restored, one has been partially restored, one is running but needs attention, and one is in very rough condition. This is the latter. “

  2. While much is being made of the supposed legendary “black turbos”, I’d argue that white is a much more significant color in Saab’s history. Maybe it’s because that’s the color most non-Swedes think of when they think of Sweden (like the snow)?

    There was the original 99 Turbo, these 900 Aero (SPG, T16S…) prototypes, and the BioPower100 concept. Then the Aero-X was kinda white (snow silver, right?).

    This is an important part of Saab history so thank goodness there are people out there like Peter.

  3. I always thought that car that ParH posted looked like a Dodge Avenger.

    I rarely think cars look good in white, but the c900 is an exception.

  4. incredible,
    i’m very happy to see a 900 aero pearl.is my dream……
    i’m saab enthusiast from italy.
    i own several saab, the main for restore.
    i have:
    – 92b 1955m.y. green, for restore
    – 96 1965m.y. blue , needs repaint
    – 96 1974m.y. green, for sale
    – 96 1975m.y. silver jubileum, for restore
    – 96 1975m.y. silver jubileum, nearly finish restore for sale
    – 96b 1975m.y. topax jellow , dalyng use
    – 96 1979m.y. acacia green, for restore
    – 99 1971m.y. white, for sale
    – 99 1977m.y. turbo wagon realised from a specialist in sweden ,for restore???.
    – 99 1978m.y. turbo 3ck black, for restore
    – 99 1978m.y. turbo 3ck red, nearly finish restore ( 5 years…)
    – 99 1980m.y. turbo 2sd white , for restore or spare parts.
    – 99 1980m.y. turbo 2sd white GR.A spec.
    – 900 1979m.y. turbo 3ck black, for restore
    – 900 1979m.y. turbo 3ck black, dayling use
    – 900 1980m.y. turbo 5ck acacia, for restore
    – 900 1980m.y. turbo 3ck aquamarine, for restore
    – 900 1981m.y. turbo 4sd silver, the first saab of my family
    – 900 1985m.y. turbo aero black, for restore
    – 900 1991m.y. l.p.t. 3ck red, for spare parts
    – 900 1992m.y. l.p.t. aero (original) white, for sale
    – 900 1992m.y. l.p.t. aero (original) red, crashed
    – 900 1993m.y. turbo 3ck aero GT sport black, runs, runs and runs……..
    – 900 1993m.y. turbo 3ck aero GT, for spare parts
    – 900 1993m.y. turbo cabrio aero final edition spacial black metallic, runs, runs and runs…….
    – 9000 1990m.y. turbo sport 204bhp, for spare parts
    – 9000 1990m.y. turbo sport 204bhp red, runs, runs and runs ( my wife’s car )
    – 9000 1993m.y. l.p.t. platana, for sale
    so, i love sweden
    best saab regards

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