A star is born?

Some of you may have seen the name Gunnar Heinrich in comments here from time to time.

Gunnar is a young automotive blogger. I first came accross his work at a site called Autoobiles DeLuxe, but it seems he’s now combining that with another site called 4 Drivers Only.

I’ve always appreciated Gunnar’s writing and his insight, and now I find myself appreciating his video work as well.

I’m not sure if this is the debut effort, but if so, then it’s a mighty good one. It’s a look back at the BMW 733i and despite being about a BMW I found myself quite entertained. Yes, there’s a bit of Clarkson in there, but don’t be tempted into looking at that side of things too much. Clarkson has, after all, set the standard.

It certainly makes my efforts look rather pale.

As mentioned it’s about a BMW, but if you like cars there should still be something there for you to enjoy.

Kudos to Gunnar and the production guys that put this together.

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  1. This e23 bmw reminds me of the german DERRICK-detective series where it was for years used by the old Munich-detective called Derrick. Haven’t seen one for years on the road, the last ones as i recall were rusty.
    The end of the video is symptomatic to what happened with a lot of cars of those years: parked under a tree and a driver who walks away from it … Not your nowadays green consciousness.

  2. Couldn’t find a relevant link, but this is interesting: a Inspektor-Derrick parody.Scenes, music and car seam authentic. But most astonishing is the driving-style.
    Now i know what BMW-drivers do in their cars while driving, these are real ‘driverscars’ (i can’t imagine a saab-driver will have his steering wheel assisted on the road like that, whow, brilliant amateurism). It explains also why bmw-drivers don’t use their indicators. Untill now i assumed the indicators are a to expensive option on their cars, but it’s purely driver related …

    For those interested in Derrick, there was recently a cartoon movie with the original characters, of course with an updated bmw 7.


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