ABBA gave away a Saab!

I would just love to know how this turned out….

Robin M, Saab UK’s Unofficial Ambassador, was listing some items on Ebay today on behalf of his mother-in-law when he came across this:

Abba competition

This is from Abba’s 1980 release, Super Trouper. Can anyone remember the competition? What did they give away?

It’d have to be a 900 at that stage, surely. I wonder what became of the car?


Yes, being somewhat of a tragic I tried to Google it. There were a couple of references, but only to people who had copies of the same album with the competition sticker on the cover.

Interestingly, though, I also found this. Many of you would have heard of the musical, Chess. It was written by the BB in Abba – Bjorn and Benny – along with Tim Rice.

Anyway, as it turns out, the initial performances of Chess were going to lose big money – even if they sold out. It appears that backers were hard to find in the mid 1980s and BB-Rice didn’t really want to put up the money themselves – apart from the Australian government, who wants to back a guaranteed loss-making venture in the arts?

Who stepped up to the plate?

Saab Scania. They guaranteed coverage of the £425,000 loss and in return, they got some sponsorship and some free tickets. Pity they didn’t get a percentage of the future rights.

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  1. I was and remain a great fan of Chess and have a programme brochure from the London show which sports a full page Saab Scania ad on the back cover – the image is the familiar profile shot of a Viggen, a Scania Artic and a Saab 900. Very patriotic of Saab at the time and a fantastic rock opera for those who haven’t come across it.

  2. When ABBA played in Vancouver in Sept 1979 a local radio station gave away a 1980 Saab 900 Turbo as a prize to celebrate the occasion. I got to see ABBA (and met three of them backstage) but was a little too young to be entering a competition to win the car.

  3. Yes, I remember this competition. My mother bought the cassette tape (remember those?!) of this ABBA album and I remember the competition.

    Memory is vague as it was a long time ago, but I believe the prize was a Saab 900 turbo in silver. I could be mistaken?

    I am sure she still has the tape somewhere…

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