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For the advertisers:

If you’ve got something Saaby to advertise then Trollhattan Saab should be on your list.


The site is averaging around 6,000 pages per day, being served to some 3,600 individual readers per day. And it’s growing.

If you’re a dealer or a Saab-related aftermarket operation then this site is just brimming with Saab enthusiasts and/or people searching for Saab information.

You can see the ad spaces at the top left and top right of the sidebars. These are for picture ads but there’s also the possibility of text link ads, too.

If you’re interested in advertising at Trollhattan Saab then please email me for more details.


For the readers:

I’ve always been reluctant to open up ad more space, but with the time this site takes up and the need to invest further in equipment, as well as the continual need to justify the time spent to my wife, something’s gotta give. Assuming that GM would never meet my wishes and let me take this full time, I therefore have to open things up a little.

There are rules as to what can be advertised, the size of the ads and preferences in terms of colors etc and efforts will be made to make sure that both advertisers and readers here get value.

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  1. Swade: I would lover to be your first advertiser! If you could simply stop printing anything about Saabs and leave that to me, we’ve got a deal. Shake?

    Very funny – your IP address has been logged!

  2. You should contact a few Saab-worthy firms for advertising — Hirsch? You’ve got Elkparts, how about some Saab dealers?

    Lots of stuff out there.

  3. Pop up porn ads are quite good..

    seriously tho, some more of the tuners, Abbott, Genuine Saab in MO, Hirsch wont play ball for obvious reasons maybe Jak?


    BTW, full koni kit and new bushings ordered late last night 🙂

  4. Good luck, Swade!! This site in it’s own awesomeness should be proof to the Mrs. but I understand the need for a little more assistance.

    This has become the first and last site I check every day.. Keep up the great work, Swade!

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