Aero-X making appearances

The website’s been done up, the emails are going out to customers. Today, GM’s own people at the Ren Cen got their look at the 2008 Saab 9-3.

Not only were the 2008 Saab 9-3s there, but the Aero-X was there as well.

Saab Aero-X

I imagine this must be the new replica Aero-X that was shown at the SOC. It’s good they’ve got a second one to wheel around now, though I’m curious as to how complete it is compared to the original. Does it have the working canopy and electricals inside etc?

No big deal, either way, I’m just curious.


The Aero-X is also going to be making an appearance in Dubai next month.

November 11 sees GM hosting it’s first ever Middle East version of the GM Style event that they’ve put on for the last few years, the last one being held in Detroit back in January to coincide with the NAIAS.

A number of GM concept cars will be making the trip, including the Volt (won’t the oil tycoons love that one?) and the Aussie-based Holden Efijy.

Here’s some video of the Detroit event, notable for not only a few decent cars, but also Australia’s own Wolfmother in the soundtrack, accompanying Carmen Electra, no less. It’s a little difficult for a simply Aussie boy to understand the point behind all this, but what the heck.

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  1. I don’t think the replica’s canopy opens and there doesn’t appear to be any interior electrical. It’s like a big plastic model.

    At S.O.C. someone asked the girls in the Saab tent (I got the impression they were models hired for the day rather than Saab employees) if they were going to open the canopy. They said no, and didn’t explain, but I’m under the impression it doesn’t open.

    I looked through the window and the seats appear to be one-piece molded plastic and the dash doesn’t have any detail.

    Unlike Saab it appears they paid more attention to the exterior in this design than the interior. 😮

  2. Let’s all look over the Detroit river to the beautiful Casino Windsor, Canada!

    The only place where you look south from the U.S. to get to Canada.

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