Another 9-3 coupe

Not because it’s happening at all, but just because it’s fun to look at and nice to dream.

This one was sent in by Sven Magnus L and he did it a few years ago.

If only…..

9-3 coupe

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  1. This is the best sample of the lot especially the back window area and the boot that looks totally integrated. In my opinion the only mod I would add being a 2 door is to adapt the rear lights of the Cabrio to make it more distinctive. Can you imagine this with a Hirsch tough and flavour ??? Sales will rocket !!! But before that some “heads” will have to roll !!!!

  2. and it is so easy to just change that to 3 door hatch, who remember that pic from over yr ago that was posted here with red 9-3 on the street photoshoped to a hatch?

  3. Nice to hear that you like it – I actually photoshopped it to see what a three door version would look like, sort of like the OG 900 combi-coupe. So it IS a three door hatch. 😉

    Sven Magnus

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