Another Saab convertible on ice

Well, it’s about to go on ice.

Saab Australia regularly have a marquee at Flemington racecourse during the very busy, very social and very affluent Spring Racing Carnival. It’s a time when horselovers and champagne lovers can come together. Women at the carnival frequently get dressed in their finest frocks, looking like a million dollars, and then get rollicking drunk and sit in the gutter waiting for a taxi.

There’s no other time quite like it in Melbourne.

If recently found out that this year, Saab’s marquee will be a recreation of the display that was put on at the Ice Experience, with an electric blue convertible about to undergo the big freeze.

And what’s more, a few photos of the marquee under construction have just landed in my inbox….

That’s a whole ice-bar in there and it’s currenly being preserved at some sort of wickedly low temperature.

Saab Ice Event

And here’s the car that’s been volunteered for the big freeze. A 2008 Saab 9-3 Convertible in Electric Blue.

Saab 9-3 Convertible

Photos of the finished facility should be forthcoming in just over a week. I’ll be attending the debut of the 2008 Saab 9-3 in Melbourne next week and then attending the races a day later, so I’ll shoot some photos of it while I’m there!

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  1. Just to let everyone know. There is an ’08 9-3 Convertible Aero and a 9-7X Aero at Sewell Saab Cadillac in Grapevine now. The big event with a presentation of the Aero-X (replica) is tonight. I’ll be there with camera in hand.

  2. Why are they using a 2.0T for the display?

    I mean, are ’08 Aero really THAT much harder to come by? Again, I’ve noticed my dealer had none, and a lot of ’08 pics from us (commenters) haven’t shown any. Strange…

  3. The wheels absolutely let the whole car down. Unfortunately they are the standard Linear spec wheels though. Although the Oz site doesn’t have the ’08s yet, this vehicle matches the UK Linear SE, ie. base spec conv.

  4. …a foldaway hardtop would be perfect on the convertible. I think ragtops are gen hideous (with few exceptions) and i wouldn’t want to get caught in a hail storm.

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