Another Saab crossover in 2012?

This has just drifted in from “A” over in Europe.

It was found in Automobilewoche, which I believe may be the German equivalent of Automotive News. “A” is neither German or English, but is capable in both languages and reasonably confident in this translation:


Exclusive: Extra SAAB-Model for Rüsselsheim

    – In stead of five now six. Works Council wants to get a seventh model to the Opel base.
    – Initally from 2012 on there will be built extra in Rüsselsheim a new SAAB Crossover.
    – The dashboard production will also stay there.

Rüsselsheim. GM Europe will produce in Rüsselsheim in the future a model more than originally planned. “With now six in stead of five we are well filled until 2018”, said works council executive Klaus Franz to Automobilwoche. Besides the three body versions of the next Opel Vectra generation and the new versions of SAAB 9-3 and 9-5 there will be from 2012 on an extra SAAB model to fill the production capacity. Obviously it will be a Crossover-model above the for 2009 planned compact SUV SAAB 9-4X. Moreover, “the dashboard production will not be put outside” said Mr. Franz

The management made these promises after long negotiations with the works council. The worker representatives try now also to get the production of the luxury-class Opel in Rüsselsheim.

Just as the other models made there, the big Opel could base on the global Epsilon-2 platform, although with a longer wheelbase. According to Franz a CKD-production would be – at least for marketing reasons – desirable. The term CKD (completely knocked down) stand in the auto industry for cars that are produced from kits at their place of destination.

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  1. My question is if Russelsheim is “filled until 2018”, then why not shift some of that production (particularly 9-3 and 9-5 production) back into Trollhattan? Trollhattan could be retooled to produce this future crossover also should demand exceed supply…

  2. Small SUV , best for Europe, built in Mexico.
    Large SUV, best for USA, built in Europe. Is there something wrong with this picture?

    On another note, will I see another Saab built in Trollhattan in my lifetime?

  3. Jchan,

    Russelsheim will be tooled for epsilon2 cars (among others) and Trollhattan will have delta-based production (plus some epsilon1 leftovers such as ‘current’ 9-3) after 2010.

    So it won’t be that simple to just move over epsilon2-based products, which both 9-3 and 9-5 in the future will be.

    Wulf, you have a point or two there. Unless a delta-based Saab is built (usually called the 9-1) it looks bad for Swedish Saabs.

    Just to point out: As Klaus Franz talks about a crossover vehicle, that doesn’t have to mean it’s a SUV.

  4. The term CKD (completely knocked down) stand in the auto industry for cars that are produced from kits at their place of destination. So, we are looking at an American plattform, probably the next gen Cadillac SRX Crossover. Built in USA, assambled in Germany. The 9-7X is dead, this new Crossover will be named 9-8X.

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