Another XWD video

A guy called NobleP on Youtube has put together some great XWD videos in the last few months.

Here’s another.

NobleP is basically making his own XWD advertisements here for the online community. A great little bit of ambassadorial work if you ask me. Not only that, but he’s got a 10-minute clip on Saab’s history there as well.

Check out all of his videos here.

And enjoy this one. Makes you want to get in and DRIVE!

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  1. Hell yes I am ready to play! I popped into the Saab dealer here in Vancouver for a peek and ended up on a 45 minute test drive. My ‘chariot’ was a metallic Black 2.0T (210bhp) riding on the 07 Aero wheels kitted out with black leather. Man did that car look smokin’ hot!

    The drive, well I had to behave myself so no Swade-esque antics in this car but I was encouraged to hit the gas when I got on the highway. So, there I was in fourth and I hit the throttle ….. holy cow!! 🙂 The dealer then laughed at me coz he said I was being a wuss and had only given it a bit of gas to illicit that ‘holy cow’ response. I felt like the cartoon character used in the early 9-3SS ads – the big smile! I really want to try the XWD!!

    Things I noticed about the 2008 9-3

    1/ Huge improvment in interior quality over the 2007.
    2/ Quiet, you really have to watch your speed.
    3/ The redesign is fan-tastic.
    4/ Car was sexy as hell in black but I need to see the snow silver. A 9-5 they had there was painted in snow silver and my first response was “I LIKE that, alot!!”

    I do have one ‘bigg-ish’ negative though that is a step back. Why do the door locks ‘clank’ worse than my Focus? Cheap, cheap, cheap on a car that MRSP at $42,252!

  2. The clanking door locks are deadbolts. People complain about the 9-5 locks as well. In either case, they help to keep Saab insurance rates dirt cheap.

  3. deadbolts? that’s flying kick-amp !! [my attempt at being PG] ….. Is there anything that disengages the deadbolts in an accident other than the “jaws of life” ?

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