Anyone want to give me a hand?

Some of you will know that I re-jigged this website back in July and that that has turned out to be a bad, bad thing. Visitation and earnings from the site are now way down on what they should be, and that means less exposure for the Saab enthusiast community and less revenue for me to invest back into doing interesting things for you to read about.

One of the reasons for the collapse is that the change in content management systems led to a whole bunch of broken links. I’ve managed to track down and fix many of them thanks to Google Webmaster tools, but there’s still more out there.

What I’m looking to do now is find and fix internal links within the website’s own pages. This will also find broken URL’s that Google hasn’t picked up yet.

How can you help?

If you’ve got a spare hour or so, then pick a month from the Archives and go through it. What you’ll need to do is scan each post during that month for internal links and check those links. You should be able to check the link just by hovering your mouse on the link. If it shows the link as leading to a address, then it’s an internal link.

Right-click and open the link in a new window and that will tell you if the link’s leading to a live page or a 404 (inactive) page.

If you could note the URL’s that led to 404s in a document and then send it to me, it’ll give me a list of links to restructure.

To give you an idea of the workload, I did January 2006 in about 30 minutes this afternoon and found around 10 links that need to be fixed. I’ll set aside all of 2007 and do that myself, but if you’d like to help out then it’d be really appreciated.

Just leave the month you’re looking at in comments so that people know that month is taken, and then once you’ve compiled your list, send it to me with the month noted in a text document (

No obligations for anyone, but all help would be really appreciated as doing this all by myself is a pretty time consuming affair. hopefully fixing these internal links (which may also be referred to externally) will help to restore the site to its former glory.


PLEASE NOTE – I’ll do all of 2007 and have already done January 2006.

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  1. Thanks everyone for pitching in.

    I’ve received what I think is one spider report already, though I’m yet to get a look through it. Eirik’s also sent in the months noted above.

    This’ll really help make life a bit easier and assist in getting back on track. Thanks very much indeed.

  2. As kind of a side topic; After the site re-jig, has anyone else noticed that it loads much more slowly than it used to? I used to get the site up and readable in a couple of seconds, but now i’m waiting for up to 30 sec for the page to become complete. This is from 2 systems on 2 different ISP’s!

    I’m not sure what the cause is, but it reduces the number of times a day I quickly check in for updates!

  3. Siman A,

    I noticed it being slower as well after the change this summer. I think its because of the extra goodies on the page (clocks). But I also noticed that the loading behaviour changed like a month ago. Now I first see the banner, then nothing more, then nothing more, then nothing more, then a reload of the banner, and then the rest of the page.

  4. Swade, did people’s help on this help you complete it or are you still working on fixing all the links?

    Please let us know what months are still left to be done so we can help in our down time. Thanks.

  5. Clocks are gone. I can add them again but I thought I’d see if they sped things up a little.

    I’ve used the spiders to correct a number of internal links. Hopefully I’ve got them all. I’ll still go through and do some more manual checking myself, but the spiders seemed to do a good job, as did Eirik (above) with 2005 entries. Thanks all.

  6. I was only having page load speed issues occasionally, but I noticed that this page loaded a lot faster now that the clocks are gone. I really liked the clocks feature, but whomever wrote the clock code must have been sloppy. It shouldn’t take that much resource allocation to display the time in two places…

    Glad to hear your links are fixed. When will you know if it has a direct affect on your Google rating or whatever that thing was that took a dive when you moved to WordPress?

  7. I really like the clocks, too, but in terms of user experience if they’re making life difficult, then they’re a bit excessive. Most regulars won’t mind the page taking excess time to load, but newbies could find it frustrating.

    The Google thing will take time. The site is ranking in Google, which is good. I checked my pagerank just yesterday and it’s only one rating below SaabUSA! But in terms of income, the site’s at about 50% of what it was back in June, which is a major bummer. Hopefully as the fixes filter through Google’s index this might start to grow again, but October’s going to be lower than September at this point, which makes it hard in terms of motivation (you want to see growth, not shrinkage) as well as resources to expand the things I can do for the site.

  8. Don’t worry about expansion right now. You’re busy enough with all the daily updates you do here. Let the fixes work their way through the Google system and come early next year (around the time when the site should get some ramp-up of traffic due to the 9⁴X introduction at Detroit) hopefully you’ll be back to the kinds of numbers you were getting before June when you moved to this new software. Take it easy! 🙂

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