Australian International Motor Show – we’ll be there


Hey Hey!!

After a week or so of applying but not knowing, I’m pleased to announce that Trollhattan Saab will be reprazentin’ at the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney on October 11.

This is media day, so Richo will have the models, the cars that is, all to himself without the grubby, smelly old general public getting in the way.

The new 2008 Saab 9-3 will be there INCLUDING the Turbo X, so I’m sure Richo will have plenty to drool over (like he wouldn’t have, anyway).

I won’t be making the trip this year, but here’s a reminder of what we got up to last year (IMPORTANT – skip the last three seconds or so if you have sensitive ears).

It was interesting watching that back.

The TRD Aurion that Richo was sitting in when he went all bulemic has only recently been released – and recalled – as a dealer model blew a rod on a test drive. They’ve taken them all of the sales floor while each car produced (only around 150) gets checked out.

The Hummer they unveiled at the start has only recently gone on sale as well. I saw my first H3 here in Hobart yesterday morning.

It’s hard to believe it was only a year ago.

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  1. Congratulations Swade on making Trollhattan Saab’s presence felt from the virtual world of that is the blogosphere to the real world (i.e. Auto Shows, etc.).

    You’ll be happy to note that I was speaking with a fellow Saab enthusiast (owner of an late 80’s 900) here in New England and I asked him if he had visited your site.

    Of course! Said he.

  2. Gunnar, you’re very kind. It’s good to see blogs getting some increased acceptance in the ‘real world’.

    Say hi to your NE buddy for me. I hope to visit that neck of the woods next year for SOC in Mass.

  3. Sydney Motorshow, do you think SAAB Aust will take the opportunity to tell us more about what we’ll get (+ the timing) in Aus?

    Believe it or not i’m having trouble just lining up a test drive for the type i’m interested in.

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