Best concept cars ever?

Would you consider the Saab Aero-X to be the best concept car ever?

If not, and it’s remotely possible that it isn’t the best concept ever, would you consider it in the top 14?

And if you did think it was in the top 14, would it be higher or lower placed than the following?

Ford021 The Ford 021c was designed by a guy who had little, if anything to do with cars. He designed restaurant interiors and consumer products. The car appeared at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1999 and Ford apparently confirmed shortly thereafter that it would never see the light of day. It’s got more than a touch of the legendary for Escort in it’s profile, but other than that I can’t see too much to recommend it.

Mini Spiritual This is the Mini Spritual. It was a BMW creation from the late 1990s and the word is that it was basically made as a spoiler to divert some attention from Mercedes’ A Class. Good thing too, as it’s as ugly as a bashed crab. Actually, it probably would have fit right in at a BMW showroom.

Renault Fiftie And finally, this is the Renault Fiftie. It was made to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Renault 4CV. It took some styling influences from the 4CV but the French didn’t take to it. As Ghosnmobile doesn’t export to the US and it wasn’t loved at home, it was canned.


So, if someone said they’d put together a compilation of “The best cars they never made” and they told you that these three cars were on the list, would you expect the Aero-X to be placed higher or lower than them?

Well, that link is Auto Express’s list and the concept cars listed above all placed higher on the list by virtue of the fact that Saab’s incredible Aero-X didn’t even make the list!!

How quickly these things can be forgotten.

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  1. The context of it was the best concepts and or cars that were never built. So I guess thats why the Aero-X was not included as its still new. And in my opinion the Aero-X is THE greatest concept car of all time

  2. I’ll point out the same context issue as Jon, but with a different conclusion.

    Maybe they know something we don’t. Maybe the Aero-X isn’t included because it will be built.

    One can dare to dream!

  3. Yeah, I got carried away a bit with their headline. But still, doing a piece on concepts and not including the Aero-X.

    tut tut.

  4. Even if the piece was on “Worst Concepts Ever,” they should still mention the Aero-X. Somehow. Someway. For some reason. It’s just that awesome.

  5. The Mini concept was one of Rover’s propositions for the new Mini, not BMW’s.

    It already had the setup now being exploited by the Mitsubishi i, Smart Fortwo (and the late Roadster), and upcoming VW Up! and it’s variations: engine over the back axle and rear traction.

    It was spacious and the size of the original mini. 🙂

    This is the Spiritual Two: the Spiritual One was easier on the eyes.

    The Ford is quite interesting, because it was designed as an appliance, in the light of industrial design, and it’s always cool to see how different design cultures would do the same object. 🙂 ..and Marc Newson isn’t just a guy who designs restaurants…

    The Renault is a nicely executed concept, but just one of those easy “let’s make a new” something. 🙂

    That’s my small personal opinion, of course.

    But I guess the guys at Auto Express are still waiting to see if the Aero-X is produced or not. O:)

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